Fair Trade Hippy Waistcoats

Fair trade hippy waistcoats are a must for all you gentleman hippy’s out there. We have got a great collection of Nepalese cotton waistcoats that are very very hippy.  These fantastic hippy inspired waistcoats come in several different styles including a printed pattern design, green man design, striped design and pentagram.

Fair Trade Hippy Waistcoats

We mention above that these are a must for the gents however, these waistcoats make great hippy clothing for the ladies too! The printed pattern and striped waistcoats are probably our most popular range of waistcoats as they have a wide range of colours and sizes. However, don’t let that put you off as the green man and pentagram are also a well loved addition to our selection of fab festival clothing!

Printed Pattern Waistcoats

Fair Trade Hippy WaistcoatsOur funky printed patterned waistcoats are all handmade in Nepal and are made from 100% cotton. These wonderful printed patterned waistcoats make you stand out in a crowd. We have bright colours and also some subtle and plain colours (just as gorgeous). The wonderful patterns on these waistcoats are block printed. What does this mean? Well, block printing is where a block of wood is carved into a specific shape/pattern, dipped in ink and then pressed onto the clothing.  Due to this process, these printed patterned waistcoats are truly unique with each one being slightly different. This waistcoats really are very hippy and funky.
Available in over 28 colours and 3 different sizes. Awesome right?!

Striped Waistcoats

Wow! These striped waistcoats really are bright and bold and are one of our most popular styles of waistcoat. All of these striped Fair trade Hippy Waistcoatswaistcoats are handmade in Nepal from 100% cotton. These fabulously funky striped waistcoats are great for formal occasions where you want to dress smart but still retain your individuality. These waistcoats are a great hit at weddings! Although these striped waistcoats are great at weddings, to be honest they would look great wherever you choose to wear them. They even look great worn with our tie dye t-shirts instead of a standard shirt. So why not be a little bit different.
Available in over 8 different colours and 8 different sizes.

Green Man & Pentagram Waistcoats

These wonderful waistcoats like the rest have been handmade in Nepal from 100% lovely thick weave cotton. The thick weave cotton has a slightly heavier feel which gives them a slightly rustic look. These great hippy waistcoats are all black and the Green Man waistcoats have a Green Man embroidered on the back and the Pentagram waistcoats have a (yep you guessed it) a Pentagram embroidered on the back.Each fabulous waistcoat boasts one large inside pocket, 2 outside pockets and are fastened by wooden/coconut shell buttons.

I have know these waistcoats to be bought for many any and every occasion and we have had several wedding parties purchase them as the groom, best men and ushers were to wear them. Cool eh!
Each and every one of these waistcoats are an amazing statement piece of hippy & festival clothing.