Festival Bags

Festival Bags are an necessity for any festival. I know it seems that there are many festival essential but trust me, a bag really is needed and works for both men and women. We know how much stuff there is to carry and take to a festival which is why we have such a wide range of nice festival bags for you so that you be be a pack horse in style!

Festival Bags

Festival BagsA festival bag should be a part of any festival survival gear as they have so many uses. We have bags for you to pack your clothes in, everyday shoulder bags, passport style festival bags and even a funky embroidered festival bag or 2.

There is always something which you need to carry about with you at a festival even if it is just many bottles of water and perhaps some loo roll.
All of our bags are closeable usually with a zip and a button or some kind of tie. This is so that you can feel a little more secure when carrying your bags around and so that when you let lose, you can be sure that everything will remain nicely in your bag.

Each and every person is different when it comes to bag style and the amount that they have which is why we have bags for all occasions. Festival rucksacks to help you Festival Bagscarry your essentials – handmade from recycled hessian and inner tubes, these bags are nice and sturdy.

Festival Shoulder bags

– available in several different sizes and in many colours and designs, the shoulder bag is the most popular shoulder bag as they can hold pretty much anything that you need and can be either slung over the shoulder or across the body making them very easy to carry.

Festival Passport Bags

– a small version of a shoulder bag however, mainly designed to carry passports as they are the perfect size, these bags are just perfect for when you want to travel light.
Festival Bum Bags – a firm favourite as has many compartments and pockets and can be fastened around your waist and hidden under clothing.

These are just a few of the festival bags that we have to offer you. We have many more in many different materials too ranging from cotton to recycled silk and even chenille soft feel bags. Make sure that you get your perfect festival bag here at Festival Clothing HQ.  Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing are always looking for new and interesting clothing and accessories, we hope to help brighten your world with the wonderful ranges we design, find and sell.