Festival Clothes

Festival Clothes at Mystical Mayhem Festival Clothing, one of the fastest growing online stores for unique and somewhat different Boho and hippy styled Fair Trade festival clothing.  Our festival clothes are all handmade with great care in the country of origin in either Nepal, India or Thailand.

Festival Clothes

We know how important it is to be unique and to be able to express yourselves in clothing which is why we really to understand that you don’t want to walk around a festival and bump into people that are wearing the exact same piece of festival clothes as you.

Festival ClothesWe have a solution for you – thanks to our great range of handmade festival clothing we hope this will not happen again.  Even though we sell many items in the same style so as to give you a wider choice in the festival clothes you wear, all of our items are handmade which means you will never get two that are exactly the same as each other.  Each and every one is a little bit different form the last. Ok so we may have some that do look rather similar as the differences although there are not always so obvious however, most pieces of our festival clothing are so clearly different, you can rest assured that you will be the only one at the festival, or anywhere, wearing that item 🙂 Cool huh?

With our large range of both men’s and women’s festival clothing we think you will not only stand out in Festival Clothesthe crowd but also love the feel and wear of the clothing we sell.

We work all year round finding our customers the best in Hippy Boho festival clothes so you can just browse through our website and not have to worry about if you’re going to be able to find that great piece of hippy clothing.
Here is a little something for everyone and our range is ever growing so watch this space……