Fair Trade Festival Clothing Range

Here at Mystical Mayhem Festival Clothing we can think of nothing better than talking a lovely amble around our favourite festival wearing the best in festival clothing. We love the feeling of knowing that the festival clothing that we wear is all handmade in Fair Trade conditions and the fact that the items are unique. It would be very rare to find another person in the whole festival wearing the same. The reason for this is that we like individuality which means that we try our hardest to source items that are all made uniquely so that no 2 items are the same. This is not always possible of course and we do have duplicates as they are a necessity but we try where we can to offer you festival clothing that is something different to everyone else.

We search Nepal, India and Thailand and have even been investigating Peru for the best in festival clothing so you can find all your festival clothing needs in one place and be happy knowing that they really are great. Fantastic quality along with great look and feel = win win in our book!

When we think of festival clothing we think of bright, colourful and comfortable. Comfort is key when deciding what festival clothing to get as you have to cover so many scenarios. Lovely and sunny, vests, T-shirts, skirts, dresses and shorts are the way forward. Cold well then what you need are some funky trousers, a lovely jumper or jacket and of course the festival clothing favourite -a poncho….
We hope that our festival clothing range covers all of these.
From our warm ponchos and jackets to our tie dye hot pants/shorts we think our festival clothing range will
keep you happy, warm or just help you stand out in the crowd.