Bares female alternative hippy clothing is becoming more and more popular amongst us alternative hippy’s. Bares is a German clothing producer that we use.
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You will no doubt at some point see a Bares label in clothing that you buy from us.

Bares Female Alternative Hippy Clothing

Bares Female Alternative Hippy ClothingSometimes when you say “Alternative” people think weird – that is a pile of poop! Ok, so I know some very weird people in the alternative scene however the odd ones are the best 🙂 Alternative just means that you don’t follow the rest of the wold flocking to the main stream high street shops. You have your own style and enjoy dressing differently! There is 100% nothing wrong with that at all and to be honest, if people want to call me odd, strange, a little but weird then that is fine with me although I prefer the term kooky and perhaps a little loopy 🙂

Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing sell many different styles of Bares female products.  Bares has been at the forefront of  alternative clothing for many years and offers great quality unique clothing which is why we decided to team up with Bares and stock many of their items. Alternative clothing is very popular with the ladies at present and has been for quite some time. Fancy something a little different to what you can find on the high street then Mystical Mayhem Clothing has the range for you with the help from Bares Alternative Female Hippy Clothingour Bares range of Female alternative clothing. In addition to Bares we offer many other brands and even some of our own branded clothing. Ladies, if you want alternative clothing then this is the place to come. Tell your friends too!

As well as Bares clothing for females we also sell a wide variety of Bares clothing for males.  We are sure that if you are looking for some great looking hippie style alternative clothing from a well established brand then Bares is the brand for you.  Mystical Mayhem Hippie Clothing is always adding more to its clothing range so that our customers have lots of choice.