Here lies the product page for our Fair Trade cotton hippy style shirts.  Welcome to Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing. We sell many different types of cotton hippie shirts and all of our shirts are available in many different colours and sizes.

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Cotton Hippy Shirts

Cotton Hippy ShirtsWe have the most popular grandad shirts which are available in over 3 different sizes. Our grandad shirts are available in the standard striped cotton variety and, because we like to  add something different into the mix, we even have patchwork grandad shirts for you. As well as grandad shirts we also have a lovely selection of hooded shirts for you, which are also available in the same style as the grandad shirt albeit a little thicker and also patchwork hooded tops. Hooded tops are becoming more popular and hit their peak when the Autumn begins as hood are wonderful for keeping our heads and ears warm. These cotton shirts really are great pieces of hippie clothing.

In addition to the wonderful shirts we have mentioned above we also have tie dye t-shirt available in both long and short sleeves. Perfect for all seasons and all occasions. All of our cotton shirts are very popular with both men and women and look amazing on both!  Why wouldn’t you want one of these in your festival clothing collection.

One of the other brands that we use for our cotton shorts is Gringo. Our Gringo Fair Trade patchwork hippy hooded shirts are a great looking shirt, they are all handmade and so unique.  AnotherCotton Hippy Shirts producer is Bares and our Bares collarless shirts come in many colours and sizes.  We also stock the Bares hooded shirt, this is a hybrid grandad shirt that has a cotton hood.   New to our shirts selection is the women’s cotton Indian tunics, made from a soft cotton that includes some colourful embroidery work.

Weather you are looking for a shirts for a more formal occasion or are looking for something to lounge around in at your favourite festival then our Fair Trade festival hippy clothing is for you. We have something that will work for you – shorts, t-shirts and blouses. Come on over and take a little look at our great range of festival clothing.