Fair Trade Cotton Jackets and Tops

Fair Trade Male and Female Cotton Jackets

Hello from Mystical Mayhem Clothing. We would like to thank you for viewing our fair trade male and female cotton hippy jackets product page.  Here is where you will find all of our hippy style cotton jackets. What you see here is what we currently have in stock at the time of viewing.

  We have such a selection of hooded and non hooded cotton hippy style jackets including brands such as Bares of Germany and Gringo Fair Trade. We have fair trade jackets specifically for men, some specifically for women and some that are suitable for both. The majority of our jackets can be worn by either sex so its a win win for all!

There are so many different types of jackets to choose from, just to name a few we have lovely thick weave cotton jackets which are just perfect for taking to festivals on these colder evenings. We have some amazing patchwork cotton jackets which are just brilliant to be worn anywhere and everywhere. Hooded jackets, non hooded jackets. Jackets with standard hoods and some with Pixie hoods. We have pullover style cotton jackets, some hippy jackets that fasten with a zip and some with toggles. Beautifully delicate embroidery hippy cotton jackets and even some fabulous thick weave hippy Jedi cotton jackets.
We have a huge mix of fair trade male and female cotton jackets which are perfect for your favourite hippy festival or even just everyday wear.

Our cotton hippy jacket range includes the Bares (Baeres) of Germany brand and the Gringo Fair Trade brand.  We are always adding new cotton jackets to our collection so please save our web address in your favourites  and come back and see us soon.  You can also follow us on facebook to the right of this screen.