Fair Trade Cotton Throws

Fair Trade Indian Cotton Throws

This is our product page specifically designed for our Fair Trade Indian cotton throws.  Because we love variety and know just how nice it is to have choice, we sell many hippy styled fair trade cotton throws. The designs for our fair trade Indian cotton throws include various Ganesh, Hamsa Hand,Tree of Life, Elephant print, Celtic pattern, Tribal and the great looking Sun & Moon throw. We also have some more obscure, what we call hippy art, Indian throws

All of  our great looking fair trade cotton hippy style throws are handmade from  100% cotton and are hand dyed in India.

The process for making these beautiful Indian cotton throws is that each throw is hand dyed by skilled workers and then left to dry in the wonderfully warm Indian sun.  The throw is then hand pressed, to make the desired patterns and effects, using techniques that have been around for hundreds of years.

Our Fair Trade Indian Cotton Throws have so many uses. The main use being well, a throw but they can also be used for so much more – funky wall hangings to help spruce up a room – we have some hanging in the reception area of the warehouse, bedspreads, rugs – quite often we have heard that they are used in the bedroom under the beds. Another great popular use is a picnic blanket most commonly used at festivals as they are a wonderful size which means that you can find yourself a great spot and sit with your friends and enjoy the festival!

What do you use your throws for?? We would love to hear new and interesting ideas.

Many of our throws come in a selection of colours and sizes, some double some single, however our stock of hippy patterned Indian throws is always growing so if you don’t see what you like or want more than the current display stock quantities then please let us know and we will try our hardest to help you.
Watch this space for new designs and colours!