Howdy and hello there. Hooded cotton shirts have become a huge part of hippy festival clothing over the years and can be seen everywhere. Thank you for popping in to view our cotton hippy hooded shirts product page.  This page is where you will find all of our fab and funky hippy style cotton hooded shirts.

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Hooded Cotton Shirts

Hooded Cotton ShirtsWe sell a lovely selection for you and the said selection includes the like of Bares hooded grandad shirts and Gringo Fair Trade patchwork hooded shirts. Although our selection of fair Trade  Hippy Hooded Cotton Shirts is not the most extensive at the moment, we are always on the look out speaking to our suppliers with a view to finding some more funky hooded shirts for you as we know how popular they are. As soon as we get some in they are gone!  For now, the selection may be small but they are excellent quality festival clothes and look awesome.

Bares Hooded Grandad Shirts

Just to give you a quick overview of these fab shirts. Made from 100% cotton in Nepal, these beauties are a hybrid of the bares collarless grandad shirt. The demand for the standard grandad shirt is out of this wold so we thought why not try to find some but with a hood. We did and it works. They are a little thicker than the normal collarless grandad shirts which makes then just perfect for festivals and when there is a chill in the air. Each short has 2 pockets and 2 toggles at the top of the chest/neck to allow  some air through.

Gringo Patchwork Hooded Hippy Shirts

Cotton Hooded Shirts

Great looking hippy shirts made from different coloured patched of material. Handmade in Nepal from 100% cotton.  Each hippy styled hooded festival top has hand painted and hand printed hippy artwork.  Due to the handmade nature of the shirts they are all unique. Made from  a lovely soft cotton which helps to keep you cool in the summer as the air can circulate and warm in the winder as the hood protects your head and ears.

Our Bares hooded shirts come in a variety of different colours and sizes for you to choose from.  All our Gringo Fair Trade patchwork hooded shirts are unique due to their handmade nature.  We are always updating and adding new products to our hippy clothing site so please save our web address and come back soon. Hippie clothing should be fun, comfortable and it shouldn’t break the bank, with our range we stick to these simple rules and produce great clothing at affordable prices.