Kaftans (Cotton and Viscose)

Kaftans, what is there not to love about kaftans (cotton and viscose)?! They look great, they feel great and they are just the absolute king of comfort. Here is our kaftan product page where we tell you about some of our kaftans and what is so great about them 🙂

Kaftans (Cotton and Viscose)

Kaftans (Cotton and Viscose)We currently sell a mix of viscose kaftans, and cotton kaftans. All our kaftans have been handmade with great care in India. For those of you that have had the joy of owning and wearing a kaftan you will know just how multi purpose that they are and for those of you that don’t own one but are thinking about it then read on…
Kaftans (Cotton and Viscose)

Kaftans are popular an well loved by both men and women. I have to say we have rather a few between Sy and me in our house. We have loads of different styles and colours that we often argue about who gets to wear what one. Great excuse for more which we happily add to our range of festival clothing.

Ways to wear your Kaftan

There are many ways to wear a kaftan and they can be worn for many occasions as is the case with most hippy clothing. The main reason that people purchase kaftan are for lazing about the house and garden or for going on holiday however, what most ladies don’t realise is that depending on the style of kaftan that you have, it can be worn as a dress. When accompanied by a lovely pair of shoes this can look stunning and will make you the envy of so many when out for dinner or a special occasion.

We know and appreciate just how much people love our cotton kaftan range and our viscose kaftan range.  We get people asking us when we are updating our new range and the answer is we are updating our kaftans now.  It takes a long time to sort through these kaftans as we receive so many different colours and patterns.  When we have sorted them all out they will be uploaded.

Watch this space…….