Pixie Hooded Jackets

Welcome to our magical range of pixie hooded jackets. This is our pixie hooded jacket product page.  Our pixie range is super popular and each item goes down great wherever you go and whenever you choose to wear one.

Pixie Hooded Jackets

Pixie Hooded JacketsWe have a lovely range for you to take a look at from brightly coloured embroidered cotton jackets to lovely warm and snuggly wool jackets. We have noticed that through the years, pixie hooded clothing has really become a stable fashion statement within the hippy festival clothing scene.  The reason for this we thing is that they are just outright awesome! They look so cool when they are hanging down your back or atop your head..

Cotton pixie hooded jackets make up the bulk of our female hippy clothing jackets. These great looking comfy cotton jackets are much loved and have been oh so popular since we started the range. We believe that they are so well loved because of the range and variety that we offer. We have so many different styles and colours to choose from.

As mentioned above we have embroidery jackets where each and everyone is unique as they have all been handmade. We have tie dye pixie hooded cotton jackets which again, are all hand dyed so are all different. The majority of our jackets are individual meaning that there are no 2 the same so you really will own one of a kind piece of hippy clothing. We take out time sourcing these jackets as we want to ensure that we bring you the best looking and the best quality in the market.

All things PixiePixie Hooded Jackets

Once we have the jackets here, we also take the time to photograph each jacket so that you can choose and see the exact jacket that you are buying as opposed to many places where you will see one picture but be advised that the colours will vary. With us here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing, what you see is what you get! We know that this is important to our customers so it is important to us. 🙂 We have so much more for you to see so why not amble over and take a look.

Our pixie hooded wool jackets are a fantastic addition to any festival clothing collection, with their warm fleece lined pixie hoods they look great and keep you really warm. We have so many colours, designs and sizes to choose from. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that you have to hibernate. With these wonderful jackets you can still be out and about and be toasty warm.

We also sell some very funky looking kids pixie hooded wool jackets for the little hippy.  Children and adults alike love our ever growing pixie hooded clothing range.  Keep an eye out as we are always adding new stock. In fact, we are awaiting a new shipment in of jackets that we have specifically requested be made up so watch this space for new pixie hooded jackets to come!