Shrug/Cardigans are a wonderful item of clothing to wear that is suitable all year round. Mystical Mayhem would like to give you a big warm welcome and say thanks for coming across to see us and taking the time to view our shrug/cardigan product page.

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 Shrug/CardigansThese wonderfully pretty versatile shrugs go with almost any type of clothing and can be suitable for any and every occasion – whether your just chilling with a few friends at a festival or going out to a nice fancy restaurant for the night. You can make them look as causal of as smart as you like. See how you feel and what hippy clothing outfit you want to wear them with.

We currently have over 12 fantastic colours for you to choose from. We have colour ranging from lovely subtle neutral colours all the way through to bright colours such as Shrug/Cardiganslime green. These beautiful shrugs have 3/4 length sleeves and has lovely stretchy properties the same as other Bali knit clothing. The shrugs can be left open or tied around the midriff. Up to you depending on your mood what style of festival clothing look that you are going for.

These shrugs have all been handmade in Bali Indonesia and are made from a mix of material to give them their lovely soft feel.  Each shrug is made from 30% Polymide and 70% acrylic.

These hippy shrugs are some of our best sellers and we are always having to restock due to the high demand. We know how much people love variety so we are always on the look out for new colours and styles. Our producers in Bali Indonesia are currently looking for new colours for us which we will take a look at and choose what we think will be the best. Once we have done this and they arrive with us we will get them straight on the website for you. Watch this space……