Where would a ladies wardrobe be without  beautiful fair trade hippy style skirts and dresses. Here is our product page for our current selection of said hippy style skirts and dresses.  We have such a huge range for you and a range that encompasses all occasions be it a wedding, christening, party, festival or, just you being you.

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Skirts and dresses

I really could waffle on all day telling you how wonderful and amazing our fair trade festival clothing style skirts and dresses are but you really need to see for yourself. Once you have one, you will want more I can promise you that. Hippy clothing is like an addiction. They look great and make you feel great which makes for a very happy hippy!

Skirts and DressesHippy Style Skirts

Where should I begin. We have so many different style of skirts for you available in all different shapes, sizes and colours. Long skirts, short skirts, midi skirts and even 2 in 1 skirt dresses. We have skirts made of materials from recycled sari’s which is a mix of silk and viscose making a wonderful looking skirt that feels amazing. We have some wonderful viscose elephant print skirts which are around knee length – which will of course vary depending on how tall you are…. These are just to name a few. To get the full idea you should pop over to the categories to take a look.

Hippy Style Dresses Skirts and Dresses

Much like our skirts, our fair trade hippy style dresses also come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and colours. One of our most popular lines of our hippy dresses is our recycled silk  pixie hem 2 in 1 dresses which can also be worn as a skirt. Each and everyone of these dresses is unique and are so unlike the last that you can be sure that there will be no one else with the same skirt or dress as you when out at a festival or anywhere really. This is the case with most of our skirts and dresses as the majority of them are all handmade and are unique in design. Take our ripped look embroidery dresses for example – wonderful to behold and all unique due to their handmade nature.