Wool jackets are the best thing ever when the cold weather starts to set in. We sell a wonderful selection of both male and female hippie style wool jackets.
All of our wonderful wool hippy jackets have been made in Nepal.

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Wool Jackets

Wool JacketsWe have many different styles of wool jackets for you to choose from in many colours, sizes and designs. For example, our best selling woollen hippy jackets from our hippy clothing store are our  patchwork woollen pixie hooded jackets. These awesome wool jackets have been made up of different woollen patches which creates a very funky effect. We also have tie dye wool jackets, jacquard patterned wool jackets and even Nepalese styled wool jackets. These are to name but a few of what we have to offer you. The majority of our male and female wool jackets are available in several colours and sizes and most can be worn by both sexes however we do have some designed specifically for women and some for men.

As well as wool jackets we also have some hippy style wool jumpers too which are just as ace. All of our woollen range  which is part of our festival clothing selection are justWool Jackets perfect for the Autumn and Winter months. Many of our wool jackets are fleece lined which will help keep the heat in and the cold out. Some hippy jackets have pixie hoods and some normal hoods, either way though they will keep your head and ears nice and warm. We even have some cute wool jackets for the little ones which I have to say just look awesome!

All of our wool jackets are handmade in Nepal and so will vary slightly from each other.  We work very closely with our suppliers to bring you the customer some of the beset looking and warm Nepalese wool jackets.  We are always updating our wool jacket range so please stop by again to check out our fantastic hippie clothing selection.