Festival PizzaCheap Festival Eats

For those of us that have been to a few festivals in our time, we know just how bloody expensive it can be eating Festival food for the weekend. Some times it plays to be a thrifty hippy and save your money for other wonders the festival might have to offer.

Did you know that over the course of a full five days at the Glastonbury Festival, you easily end up spending over £100 on food alone? And that my friends is the low end of the scale. As if the tickets for the Festival didn’t cost enough. All worth it though!!

Whilst you can get some absolutely amazing foods from around the world at festivals and I do mean amazing, they often do come at a price and you can end up paying at least £5 for a plain ole burger and £8 – £9 for some pasta. Although tasty, this can all mount up and become expensive, fast. It’s all well and good if you can afford but it can be a bit of a problem if you are on a budget, especially if you want to splash some cash on some other stuff like some funky hippy clothing. I would highly recommend planning a food budget into your spend when you decide to go to any festivals however, this is often easier said than done. There are things you can do to drive down your food bills at festivals and we think that by doing so, you get a little bit more of the true festival experience too and some extra fun.

Cook With Friends

More often than not, we go to a festival with a group of our hippie friends. If there is a group of you going to a festival no doubt you will all aim to pitch your tents in the same area so that you are all close to one another. This is perfect. If you all discuss and agree beforehand that for some meals you will cook your own food as a group then Camping Stove more savings can be made. Just double check the festival you are going to allow fires, bbqs etc as some festival now stopping this.

Tinned Food

We tend to look down a bit on tinned food in modern day Britain but it’s just fantastic for festivals. You can make a quick and easy pasta sauce with tinned tomatoes, some herbs and some spices (I would always recommend some fresh veg if you can get it). If you really want to be lazy, there are a wide range of cheap curries, chills and other tinned meals available too that simply require heating in a pan. If I am honest, this is what we have done on the occasion and if you get the right stuff then it can taste just fine. I would, if I were you, take some salt, pepper and a few herbs and spice with you as they can brighten up any meal.


EggsTaking lots of eggs are a great idea because they are so versatile. With a simple camping stove you can boil them, poach them, scramble them or make an omelette. They’re one of the healthiest foods on the planet and are full of protein to keep you going for the day. They are cheap too 🙂


Bananas are one of the very best foods that you can take to a festival. Packed full of goodness, they’re brilliant if you are hungover and are really good at keeping you full for a time as they are packed with slow release energies. They’re cheap and relatively environmentally friendly too, with the skin being biodegradable and not adding to landfill.


If your budget dictated, you could live of this stuff all weekend. If needs be it can be had with hot water! Cheap, quick and easy to make and, actually rather nutritious and delicious. Add some fruit some seeds and even some honey and away you go.

Super Noodles & Pot Noodles

Oh perhaps not full of goodness or even flavour for that matter, these are great for that quick bite to eat. Cheap and filling. Not everyone’s cup of tea but hey, its food and it will keep you going until your nest meal..

Even if you are not going to a festival as part of a group and are just going with your other half, a friends or even on your own, all of the above savings still apply. Good eh?!

Buy Your Food Daily From a Local Supermarket or farmer

Most of us take our cars to a festival or know someone there with a car (most useful to carrying all of your supplies) and , most festivals that I have been to are close enough to amenities to walk to. If you are lucky to be able to get to a supermarket or even a local shop each day then here is another way to save yourself some pennies.
Work out either each day or before you get to the festival what you are going to have for brekkie lunch and dinner ( oh and don’t forget your snacks) . Then each morning when you get up, pop off to the shops and buy your day’s supplies. This way is so much cheaper than the food vans. Maybe not as tasty but definitely cheaper. Depending on when you go, you may find some bargains in the reduce section.Disposable BBQ

Think you are missing out on that festival burger or pizza, think again – with a portable BBQ or a camping stove, you can cook anything!

To be completely honest, you should be able to take most of your provisions with you from home. If you have some kind of cool box you can even take a certain degree of fresh foods but of you are happy with easy foods then potentially eating at a festival could cost you no more than it would if you were at home.

The key really is planning. So get your hippie clothes on as well as your thinking cap and work out what food you want to eat while your having fun at your favourite festy. If you plan, plan, plan then you should be all good 🙂

Happy festivals!