Festival Hats

Festival Hats are a must for every festival and the perfect way to say you’ve arrived at your favourite festivals.  Not only do festival hats help keep your head out the sun and keep your head warm when its cold, they also help you get into the festival spirit by providing a bright and colourful talking point.

Festival Hats

Festival HatsMost hats are after all bright and colourful things and are very different to the kind of hats that you might find in high street life. This is what we like about festival hats, and festival clothing for that matter – there are no limitations on size, colour or style.

I confess that I’m a hat wearer, and this in no small part has to do with my lack of hair. For many festival goers out there the sun can be their worst enemy along with a lack of water. Pair that with too much alcohol and blazing hot sun.. All of which make for a bad combination causing sun stroke which lets face it, would put a bit of a downer on your festival mood.  Better to find a silly hat and stick it on your head. Said silly hat will help no end in helping protect you from the sun. Festival hats of course, also help to protect you from the rain. Kind of. At least for a small amount of time, hopefully just enough time to find some shelter like the beer tent.

Festival Fun

We have a great range of festival hats for you and our range of fun and funky festival hats include some great hippy clothing festival favourites including the round brim trilby which comes in a Festival Hatsvery bright unique patchwork variety as well as some nice standard colour combinations. The floppy sun hats come in both male and female versions. They offer a chance to not only look great but also to have the sun shielded from your eyes. You no longer have to squint everywhere you go.  Nepalese wool over the ear hats are perfect for cold nights when its a perfect time to walk around and see the colourfully lit sights. These few are just a small amount of what we have to offer.

No need to be shy when it comes to festival hats. Even if you do not usually wear hats, at a festival you really should give them a go. Not only are they uber amounts of fun but they are practical too, no matter how silly your one may be. Many people have a variety of festival hats that they take to each festival so that they can chop and change depending one their mood.