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Festival Heads: Hippy Hats and Accessories to Top Off the Look

If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear a flower in your hair …Festival Hats

Which is great advice, but rather limited in scope when there’s so much else out there you can do to get your festival head on!

Hippy Hats

Whether you identify as a full-time ‘hippy’ or not, often an essential piece of festival wear is a hippy hat. Wearing a hippy hat says, “It’s festival time!”. It says, “I may work in an office but I’m a weekend rebel and this hat shows it!” It also says, “I’m a free spirit, but still a touch concerned that there might be rain …”

Multicoloured Patchwork Flower Floppy Hat example


Hippy Festival Rim Hat at Mystical Mayhem ClothingWhatever your hat style says about you, you’ll find the perfect one in our online range.

We’ve got Peruvian Ear Flap hats with Alpaca wool for extra warmth.
We’ve got beautifully colourful beanie hats made from recycled silk, and your more traditional snowflake adorned bobble hats which take you from festival survival wear to winter warrior seamlessly.

For the more adventurous of you out there, why not go for a Mohawk hat?

For long and braided or dreaded hair, our multi-coloured silk hats with wool tassels are a great way to add to your look or even keep all of your hair dry. Take a look at our full range and see which one speaks to you!






If you’re looking for something tidy your hair away from your face without the the warmth that a hat brings, why not try a head band? Our headbands are stretch knit in a range of rainbow hues. Or go all-out decorative with a carved wooden hair fork. In an emergency, you may just be able to toss a salad with them too! All of our hippy hats, headbands and hair forks have been neatly corralled for you here.

Alternatively, a sarong is a brilliant and colourful way for those with more hair than most to bind their locks. And, just like our ponchos, the sarong is a great multi-tasking piece of your hippy clothing capsule kit, for men and women alike, just like our ponchos. Those seasoned travellers amongst you will know all about packing smarter, not more!