Festival Jacket

Festival Jackets are a wonderful way to express your self at your most favourite festivals. Before Mystical Mayhem was born, I used to love looking at all the different types of jackets that could be found around the festivals. Some of these jackets I would see at the festival clothing stalls and others would be jackets that I would see people wearing out and about. Often, I just had to stop people to find out where they got their funky festival jackets from. Now I hear from customers that people are stopping them and asking where our festival jackets have come from. Now that is a good feeling. It means that we are getting it right!

We have such a wide variety of festival jackets for you to take a look at ranging through all different style, materials, designs and sizes coming from places all around the world from Thailand to Mexico. Our aim has been to source jackets that not only look great but are comfortable to wear too. There is nothing worse than wearing festival clothing that is uncomfortable. You want to be relaxed and happy in what you wear.

We also have jackets for all weathers – well actually that is not quite true as we do not have any rain jackets but, we do have some nice and thin cotton jackets that are perfect for the cool summer evenings and also big think cotton and wool fleece lined jackets to keep you nice and toasty on the cold days.

Cotton Festival Jackets
We have well over 40 different types of cotton festival jackets for you to choose from. We think that choice and individuality is important which is why we take individual pics of all of our jackets as many of them are unique and we want to ensure that you can see and then buy the exact jacket that you like. Our cotton jackets are one of our biggest and most popular ranges especially during festival season as we have so much choice. Depending on what kind of jacket you are after, we have some in neutral colours and in fairly toned down patterns whilst others are brightly coloured with amazing embroidery work or print work. Pixie hood or standard hoods are also an option depending on what you like. Zips. buttons, pullovers, we have them all.

Wool Festival Jackets
Our wool jackets are another category which is very popular at festival time. Usually not during the day however but during the evening as the nights start to get colder as lets fact it, even though some of the evenings stay relatively warm, we usually stay up until the wee hours of the morning when it can start to get cold which is why a nice wool jacket is just perfect to wrap up in.

We have festival jackets for all including a couple for little festival kids. We like to make sure that you are adequately  provisioned for your festivals.