Festival Season 2017

Wohoo, it’s that time of year again. The time of year that we all love and pray to come around quicker after its has passed.  Once the spring arrives, one thing that you can be certain of is that there are good times ahead as the festival season is soon to begin.

Festival Season
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Foo Fighters at IOW FestivalHard to imagine just now perhaps but think, soon enough you will be sat/standing in a field with the sun shining down on you (ok sometimes it will rain but who cares, you are at a festival) and you will be listening to some live music. Bliss right! There is nothing better than listening to an amazing band and listening to them live. Such a good feeling, especially when it is a band that you love. For those of you who are live music lovers you will know what I mean, you just cannot beat that moment when a certain band comes on and the hairs on the back of your neck and arms stand on end, and all of a sudden a smile spreads across your face in anticipation of the awesome sounds you know you are about to hear….

We have lots of festivals here in the UK each year and they are all very different. We have festivals dedicated to rock, festivals dedicated to Drum Kitmetal, festivals dedicated to pop and festivals which have a whole mix of all genres. There are even quite a few festivals dedicated to dance/trace music. There are festivals to suit literally everyone. Some are family orientated and others more geared at adults only.

Over the years we have been to many many festivals including, Glastonbury, Reading Festivals, IOW Festival, Oz Fest (now Download), Winters End, Guildfest just to name a few, and each and every one has been enjoyable for different reason. Boy do I love festivals! I could go to a festival every weekend if only then ran and if only I could afford it 🙂 It would be knackering through I am sure. Ok, maybe not a festival every weekend, maybe one a month….

I have to say that I have been super lucky and have managed to avoid all the crappy weather. Hmmmm, I probably shouldn’t have said that.

With festivals and to be honest any gig that we go to that is outside, there are a few standard items that I just have to take along with me;

First and foremost is a bright and colourful hippy handbag or rucksack that I can pop my gear in.
Hippy Bags
Secondly, I will check the weather and pack some great hippy clothing – I would pack some nice flowing skirts and dresses in the brightest colours that I can find and Sy would pack some nice and lightweight trousers to go alongside his staple tie dye and dashiki shirts.
We would also of course perhaps pack some warmer trousers and jumpers in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Third, you just simply cannot go to any outdoors gig of festival  without a beautiful and soft blanket. You will need a such a blanket for several reasons – to sit on and then later on to put over you when it get a little chilly.
Hippy Blankets
Lastly, and to be quite honest one of the most important items to pack is a poncho. Being a hippy I of course have built up quite a collection of these over the years and so I would usually take at least 2 🙂 One of which would be a lighter acrylic wool  poncho (same as our blankets) for the cool but not cold evening and a nice big thick weave poncho for the colder nights sat around in the campsites.
I have to say that perhaps poncho’s are my most favourite piece of hippy clothing as they are so versatile. I have been known to use a spare as a blanket on occasion.. Thinking about it, as well as an acrylic and cotton poncho, it might be a good idea to pack yourself a waterproof poncho, just to be on the safe side.

Hippy Poncho's

The keys is to pack as light as you can but  make sure that you have packed all of the hippy essentials.

Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and a nice hippy hat to keep you protected.

Have a great festival season folks – play hard and stay safe.