Festival Season - Music festivalsFestival Season

Aaah festival season, our favourite time of the year. The season is fast approaching and it is time to start putting your festival survival gear together. Time to book the tickets and make preparations. What with so many festivals around the UK and around the globe, it can be hard to choose which to go to.

For those of us seasoned festival veterans, it is easier to choose as we know what to expect. The choice is a little tougher for those who have never had the pleasure of going to one. Veteran or newbie, one thing is for sure, you will have an amazing time wherever you go!
Time to get on your favourite hippy clothing to go with your dancing shoes!

How to choose what festival to go to

There are many different factors to take into account when making the decision of which festival to go to. It is not a hard decision to make really. Ok well it is as let’s face it, most can only afford 1 or 2 each year if that! It is all about the research…

  • Music – first of all, where possible, always check the lineup. To ensure maximum enjoyment, choose a festival where you will enjoy the music first and foremost as after all, it is a music Festival Season - Hippy Guitarfestival.
  • Facilities – you want to make sure that there are plenty of loos and showers should you decide to make it a clean festival. Check what shops/stalls are at the festival for emergency supplies and also what is nearby in the local towns because, you never know when you may need to venture out.
  • Family friendly – if you plan on making it a family affair, check the official website for info. You will want to make sure that there is something that the kids will enjoy. Many festivals have kids clubs and offer things for kids of all ages
  • Atmosphere – none of the festivals that I have ever been to were anything other than amazingly friendly. Always worth checking online and with people who have been before to check what they are like.  As a result of checking, you will be much happier and know what to expect.
  • Location – lots of people prefer to choose venues that are relatively close to home. This makes them easier to attend. To be honest though, don’t base your decision solely on this point. It is worth factoring in however just as an overall not a major decider. Some of the best festivals we have attended have been hours away.

Festival Essentials

So, now that you have decided what festival/s you want to go to, now is the time to choose what to take. There are certain things that we will take no matter what festival we go to and are what we call our festival essentials. These festival essentials are items that we cannot do without. Items that make like so much more comfortable and easier.

  • Wellington Boots – now it doesn’t always rain at festivals but I would be sure to pack some just in case. There have been times where we haven’t and have regretted it as our feet were oh so soggy! Don’t forget to pack some extra socks to put in your wellies to make them comfortable.
  • Festival Season - Hippy PonchosPoncho’s – we always take several depending on the time of the year and the predicted weather. If I were you, I would take 3 poncho’s. 1 being a plastic rain poncho as let’s be honest, you will probably need this at some stage because it always rains a little. 2 would be a light acrylic poncho for when there is a little chill in the air during the day. 3 being a nice heavy cotton poncho – great for hanging out in the evenings around the camp fires.
  • Toilet Roll – if you have ever been to a festival before or even used a portaloo you will know that as the day wears on they will run out of loo paper. Better to be safe than sorry – take plenty with you and always carry some with you.  9 times out of 10, the toilets are cleaned and replenished first thing in the morning. Mornings would be the best time to get in and do your “business”.

    Festival Season - Tie Dye Clothing

  • Baby Wipes – who has the time to shower at festivals – all you want to do is listen to music, dance and hang out with your friends. Baby wipes are great for a quick freshen up so that you don’t offend anyone with your scent.
  • Your favourite hippy clothing – now is the time to express yourself. Be bold and beautiful and wear whatever the hell you want. Bright and colourful tie dye clothing, beautiful skirts and  dresses and how about some amazing hippy trousers and shorts. You can wear your most unique hippie clothing pieces, especially those from us, and be sure to be commended for your great hippy clothing.
    Be bold and make a statement. Show people who you are!
  • Spare cash – it is very easy to get carried away buying things at festivals. Always be sure to take some spare cash with you for food and water. We would also recommend a money belt that can be worn discreetly as you don’t want to be hiding money in your tent or carrying vast amounts in a wallet that you regularly take out.

Festival Fun

Now that you have chosen your festival and have packed your essentials you are ready to rock and roll. Festivals really are the best thing ever and you will have the time of your life. Just remember to stay safe and to have lots of fun. Let your hair down and dance like no-one is watching. Even if they are , who cares?!?!