Festival Skirts are just wonderful and are perfect for when you want to let your hair down and wear something light and flowing.  When you rock up to a festival you want to feel free, light and happy in yourself.  Throwing a festival skirt on means you have a stylish piece of clothing which also keeps you cool in the hot sun (here’s hoping for sun at whichever festival you make it to).
To be honest, festival skirts work great even when the sun isn’t shining as you can just pop on a pair of leggings or tights underneath and voila, problem solved.

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Festival Skirts

Festival SkirtsThe great thing about hippy clothing festival skirts is that they are generally different from the kind of skirts you find on the high street, this is because festival skirts are fun, bright and are wonderfully flowing.  Our range of festival skirts are all handmade and come in some wonderful patterns and materials ranging from lovely soft rayon, unique silk and even hard wearing cotton.  If you like your festival skirts to be fun and funky as well as unique then look no further as we have the perfect festival skirts for you.
Another wonderful thing about festival skirts is that due to their flowing nature, you can dance to your hearts content to all types of your favourite music without hindrance and without getting tangled!

We have a great variety of festival skirts fr you ranging from short to long, straight or ragged hem and many more.Festival Skirts
We have some wonderful patchwork festival skirts which are all unique due to their handmade nature. Each skirt is made from pieces of material carefully sewn together to produce a fantastic piece of patchwork clothing. Never again will you  bump into someone at a festival and find they are wearing the same skirt as you. All of our patchwork festival clothing is unique so even if the designs are similar the colour placement and patchwork design will always be different, we love this aspect of handmade clothing.

Rayon makes a great material when it comes to creating soft clothing. In addition to being vegan, rayon is light weight, soft to the touch and perfect for wearing to a festival.