We all love going to our favourite festivals but how many times have you arrived and found you’d forgotten something which would have made your stay in the field a little more comfortable.

That’s right its nearly festival time again and with the summer festival season looking to be busier than ever we thought it was time to look at our festival survival guide. We have compiled a list of things that we think you’ll need to take for your weekend of festival fun.  Make sure you have everything you need to have a great festival in 2017.

Well it goes without saying, check the weather report before leaving and if there is even a tiny chance of rain then I’d take these bad boys with me because a little rain turns into a lot of mud in no time at a festival.


Plastic Poncho
Cheap, small and water proof.  No one likes standing around getting wet at a festival so stand around semi dry but looking like a plonker in one of these plastic ponchos but who cares as you’ll be kind of dry, either take a use again water proof poncho or take a few disposable ponchos, they are also great for sitting on when they have worn out there use as a poncho.

Um I’m not sure this needed mentioning but here it is anyway, take beer or any form of alcohol, stay off the meths though.

Emergency Spare Toilet Roll
How many times have you desperately needed the toilet only to find that the last person in the loo has thrown the whole bog roll down the flipping toilet, you can see it sitting there soaked in that blue stuff they throw in the toilets. Take a spare roll with you, you’ll need it at some point, even if it is to decorate your neighbours tent by unceremoniously lobbing it around when intoxicated.

Great for entertainment when the bands have finished, who can make the best inflatable animal?  I’ve just been told that they are also great for practising safe sex, most people don’t wash for four days when at a festival, I’ll leave you with that thought.

Sleeping Bag
Great place to sleep, keeps you warm and everything, also doubles up as a bag for carrying all your stuff, yep I’ve seen it done, please note if (I mean when) it rains on your journey to your campsite all your stuff will get soaked, probably better to just use it to sleep in.

Great place to put your sleeping bag and other stuff that you bring, like spare bog roll and beer.

Ground Mat
Lets be honest fields don’t tend to be the flattest of places, something to do with ploughing and live stock. Ground mats are a great way to give a bit of a soft feel to your sleeping arrangements.  Don’t be fooled though you are still in for a pretty shoddy sleep unless you managed to bring your mattress (see this done as well).

Baby Wipes
Great for cleaning your hands and other areas of the body that could do with a bit of a freshen up after a few days in a muddy field.  Maybe better to take two packets of these, you’ll probably need them (use organic where ever possible as they biodegrade and contain nice natural things your skin will like).

Black bags
These are great for helping keep your campsite clean, throw all your crap (old beer cans, used baby wipes etc) in them so some other schmuck doesn’t have to.  Also they are perfect for sitting on if the field gets too muddy, people have even been known to make temporary wellies out of them, if this is something you could see yourself doing then please add duct tape to your list.

Tooth Brush
So you’ve spent the day eating greasy burgers, candy floss and ice cream mixed with a cocktail of cocktails and warm beer. Its a fair guess that your teeth are now starting to feel a little furry. Your mouth is starting to hate you but all can be made well again with a little brush of your teeth, you’ll feel loads better for it as well.  Plus when you try and talk to random strangers and make absolutely no effort to breath anywhere other than their general direction they’ll be happier to talk to you when a nice minty fresh breath meets them instead of the smell that someone has taken a crap in your mouth.

Tooth Paste
Please see previous item for reason.

Sunstroke at festivals is one of the main reasons people end up in the first aid tent.  Your having fun drinking alcohol and not drinking much water, the sun beams down on your uncovered head and all of a sudden you don’t feel to chipper.  Plonk a silly hat on your head and you are good to go, make sure you drink water and keep hydrated as well.  We have a nice selection of hats here

Spare Socks
Festival trench foot is not great.  With the advent of clamping there tend to be more showers for keeping clean but the feet take a battering at a festival, you walk a lot and if you’re really lucky mud will be everywhere, take more socks than there are days and if your feet are feeling a little wet you can change the old ones out, it really makes a difference.

Sun Tan Lotion
You’ll surprised how quickly you can burn.  The sun doesn’t even need to be out for long, there is rarely shade at a festival and so you’re going to be in the sun for a long time, don’t be afraid to lather on the sun tan lotion, your other option is to look like that guy who resembles a lobster, he might look like he’s having fun but when the beers ware off and he sobers up he’s going to hurt like a bitch.

Warm Clothing

Even in the summer time the temperature can drop in the evening and if like me you like to wonder around the festival taking in the sights and sounds then you’ll need to make sure your nice and warm. And hippy clothing is the way forward, its unique, its well made and its perfect for the festival spirit.
There are a couple of items we would recommend, a nice warm wool jumper/jacket, a nice big poncho to snuggle into, a blanket is always a great choice, just wrap yourself up and get going.  A nice warm hat would finish off nicely. Our range of hippie clothing will have you sorted in no time, so take a look through our shop and fill your boots.

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