Festival tops are a must for every festival wardrobe and we have such a great variety for you here at Festival Clothing HQ. We have festival tops for both men and women and have many different styles for you to choose from and with most, each style comes in a variety of different colours and designs.

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Festival Tops

Depending on your festival style, we have tops to suit everyone ranging from t-shirts to shirts, open back blouses to pixie hem blouses and even some wonderful long sleeved over stitched long sleeved tops.

Festival T-Shirts

Festival TopsOur wonderful festival t-shirts have all been handmade and are made from 100% cotton. We have both short sleeved tie-dye t-shirts and long sleeved tie-dye t-shirts, all of which are unique items of hippy clothing, meaning that no-one else will have the same as you. As well as the tie-dye, we also have some awesome dashiki kaftan tops and even some embroidery mushroom long sleeve t’s.
We also have some wonderful bright multicoloured over stitched long sleeved rainbow t-shirt tops again, all of which are unique as have been handmade

Festival Blouses and Vest Tops

What a range of festival blouses we have for you ladies – we have some gorgeous pixie hemmed which are free flowing and airy and have a lovely lace detail on the bodice.  For the more adventurous of you ladies, we also have some soft and comfy tropical print crop tops for you or, some wonderful printed pattern open back blouses.  For the vests we have some beautiful tie-dye vests, or, if tie-dye is not your thing, we have some wonderfully embroidered festival vest tops and even some brightly coloured vest tops with printed transfers on with pictures Festival Topssuch as festival busses and dreamcatchers. We even have some gorgeous Bali knit shrugs to top off one of our festival blouses.
These are just to name a few of the festival blouses that we have available to you. Make yourself standout this festival season!

Festival Shirts

We have many shirts for you from our lightweight and funky shirts which all been handmade from a nice and soft rayon material.  Whatever your taste in festival clothing, whether you like bright and colourful or more neutral colours, we have what you need. We have elephant print festival shirts through to bright and bold patterned shirts so no matter your preference, there is something for everyone.
One of our most popular festival shirts is the Grandad shirt, simple yet stylish and very very comfortable. Available in many sizes and colours, these shirts really are a festival staple. We also have a plethora of patchwork shirts for you to look at. They look great on everyone.

Most of our festival tops can be worn by both men and women which is just brilliant although, some of the blouses are shaped to fit a women’s body and so may not suit the men quite so much 🙂