Festival Trousers are fun, funky, bright and comfortable trousers that you can wear to any festival and feel free and happy.  We stock a wide range of funky festival trousers that are perfect for both men and women who are heading off to any of the wonderful festivals here in the UK or elsewhere in the world for that matter..

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Festival Trousers

Whether you are looking for something to brighten up your hippy clothing outfit or simply, just trying to find something that is nice and comfy that you can wear at any time,  we think we have just what you are looking for. We have been at the forefront of the festival clothing scene since 2010 and that is because, we don’t just sell this clothing, we live this clothing –  its comfy, bright and stands out when you’re living it large at your favourite festivals or even just chilling out at home while you re-energise.

Festival TrousersFestival trousers for Men

We have found (not with us) that for some reason, men often get forgotten when it comes to festival clothing. This is something we have been trying so very hard to remedy and have found that its not always easy but,  we do try and have been able to find  find great looking festival clothing for men as well as women.  We offer a great range of festival trousers that are just perfect for men to slip on and get into the festival vibe.

Our ever popular striped cotton trousers are always a hit as well as, our straight cut Thai trousers that come in elephant or funky printed patterns.  We also offer some wonderful plain festival trousers with elastic waistband and elasticated ankles which are amazingly comfortable and are available in a different version with a tie dye finish which is very popular amongst both the men and women.

Festival trousers for Women

Boy do women have it the best when it comes to festival clothing.. If truth be told every item of clothing we sell here at Mystical Mayhem can be worn by women. I have to say that women are Festival Trousersgenerally very lucky in the fact that even clothing made for men can be worn by women. We have found that this is even more true with festival style clothing. It is generally looser so less restricting.
Although the men’s festival trousers can be worn by women, we do sell many different styles of festival trousers designed with women in mind as they have female designs and patterns.

Festival trouser styles

Our festival trousers come in many different styles. When I say many, I mean many, some of which include – straight cut, baggy, harem genie, ali baba and even dungarees. All of these types of festival trousers are available in many styles and designs some of which are patchwork, some have embroidery work on and others printed patterns. These are just to mention a few. We have a lovely variety of great looking and wonderfully feeling festival trousers here at Festival Clothing HQ.