Festival Wear

Hippy Festival Wear.

We sell the best in funky festival wear. Our handmade Boho hippy styled festival clothing has been been keeping people warm, bright and funky for years now.
We are dedicated to funky festival wear.  Whether you are heading off to Glastonbury’s mud fest or are off to a local village festival wearing the right clothes is always a must.  Our range of festival wear is practical, warm and most importantly looks great.

Wearing the right clothes at a festival is something many people agonise over as people want to look good and feel great in what they are wearing. Hippy’s love to make a statement with their clothes at festivals.  Festival wear should fulfil a few objectives, it should make you feel great, it should look good, it should feel good and it should make you be happy to be wearing it. Of course there are a few extras that help as well –  festival wear should be warm and cosy for those late night rambles up to the stone circle for some late night drumming, and, we think wherever possible festival wear should be unique so you don’t bump into someone wearing the same thing as you.

Many items from our range of Boho festival wear are firm festival favourites.  For example ponchos are a must as a festival whether its our light weight soft acrylic ponchos or our heavier cotton ponchos. Trousers should be nice, comfortable and baggy – this is after all a festival and not a job interview so we have a wide range of great looking festival trousers.  No shop selling festival wear would be complete without tie dye shirts and vest tops and we have loads for you to choose from. Out T-Shirt range comes in short and long sleeve for varying times of the day.

Here at Mystical Mayhem we have a massive range of festival wear so  large that it would take too long to name them all for you so, just click on the above links to be taken to our product pages and see for yourself the great range of festival style clothing we have for you.  Don’t be shy no, go on have a look.