Keeping Cosy on Bonfire Night

How Top Keep Warm on Firework NightWe love bonfire night here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing. Not just the evening itself but the lead up to it. The excitement of going out on a cold evening to watch some loud and colourful fireworks. There is nothing better than wrapping up warm, with a nice hot drink and venturing outside to watch a wonderful display. If you can get near the bonfire then even better! If not though don’t worry as we can help keep you warm and cosy!

Fireworks Night, Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes, known by many names and loved by all, well most!!

What’s it all about?

Want to know what it is all about and where it came from? Read on then…

Fireworks night started off as Guy Fawkes Night and originated on 5th November 1605 .  In a plot to blow up King James VI and various members of parliament, this was the night that Guy Fawkes, a member of Gunpowder Plot, was  found guarding a pile of explosives that had been placed under the house of commons. These had been placed here by the plotters who wanted to shake things up.  Guy Fawkes was made an example of and was executed. The other conspirators were later arrested and executed also.Sparklers

Up until the 20th century, Gunpowder Treason day brought about dark connotations of what the day was about. Many used it as an excuse to start burning effigies of hated public figures. There was rather a lot of violence too to boot.. Thankfully people soon realised that this was not the way forward and now people enjoy Guy Fawkes in peace and harmony – just the way that it should be. There is often a Guy Fawkes burnt on the bonfire though as a reminder of how the evening came about.

These days, fireworks night is celebrated either in back gardens or in a communal spaces which has been arranged by the council or communities. Many people have friends and family over, have a bonfire in their garden and put on a little show or, they go off to a nice big public display. Either way, make sure that you have sparklers as they are one of the best parts. I am a huge child and am often the only adult having as much fun as the kids.. Sparklers can be dangerous folks so please stay safe.

How to stay warm

So, as well as sparklers, what else do you need? You need some awesomely warm hippie clothing of course. How else will you keep from freezing and looking fab at the same time.  We have a little something for everyone. We have you covered from head to toe.

Warm Hippy ClothingThey say of your feet are warm then the rest follow suit so, I would suggest wearing a nice pair of our fleece lined wool socks for your tootsies. . These can be worn in most shoes and will ensure warm feet.
Next up would be your legs – we have great ideas for both men and women. Why not try some of our acrylic trousers or our nice thick cotton patchwork trousers. If you want to wear a hippy skirt, we have tons for you to choose from however, I would suggest perhaps a pair of our tie dye leggings underneath to keep the cold air from your legs.

What you wear next depends on how cold you get – you could wear a one of our nice vest tops or one of our tie dye t-shirts. We have these available in long or short sleeve. On top of the inner layer you will need a nice warm jackets. Well, we have jackets galore from nice thick cotton to wonderful and cosy fleece lined wool jackets. So much for you to choose from.
What warm outfit would be complete without some gloves, a scarf and perhaps a nice warm hat. What a selection we have for you. All you need to do is come and take a look!

Looking at the forecast it is going to be a cold one this fireworks night so make sure that you wrap yourself and your loved ones up nice and warm.

Just remember guys and gals, fireworks are not a toy (although they are great fun). Please remember to stay safe. Watch out for yourself and be aware of other around you – -especially the little ones. Take care guys and have a very;


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