Folk Festival Clothing or hippy style clothing is comfy, expressive and feels great to wear at your favourite folk festival.
Folk Festival Clothing

Mystical Mayhem Clothing brings you the the best in festival fashion, clothing perfect for men and women looking to brighten up their wardrobe and feel great at any festivals they head to throughout the year.

Folk Festival Clothing

Folk Festival ClothingFolk festivals have grown over the last few years as the popularity of music festivals has really snowballed.  UK alone has hundreds each summer that attract millions of people who have a love for the music, way of living, food and the funky hippy clothing.   Folk festivals are really where it all started. Folk singers would turn up to large fields with nothing more than a guitar and a tent. They would play live music and sing and have a great time. These guys started to get quite a following and over time, the fields evolved into festivals.  The likes of Glastonbury and Woodstock are probably the two most famous folk festivals and although they have changed a lot since their inception and are more aimed at the popular music scene they are a big reason we still have festivals that are so Folk Festival Clothingpopular today.

All of our  festival clothing is handmade in India, Nepal and Thailand and is perfect for both men and women who like us,  want to express themselves with great pieces of clothing.  From shirts to shorts, wool jackets to tie dye we have a great selection that will be sure to make you smile.  With the added bonus of next day delivery options to UK address and same day dispatch on orders placed before 15:00pm we offer a great service along with a perfect range of clothing.

So if you are looking for great quality folk festival clothing and don’t know where to start then here is a good place.