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Funky Festival Clothes

Funky Festival Clothing

Funky Festival Clothes

Funky Festival Clothes have always been at the forefront for Mystical Mayhem. It is a huge part of who we are and we wear the hippy clothing ourselves so it’s personal for us and means a lot.

Festivals have become a major part of the summer that so many of us wait for all year however,  but there is no need to wait for festival season to get your hippie clothing, as we stock the latest in funky festival fashion all year around.  Our fresh and funky festival clothing is handmade in several countries including Nepal, India and Thailand.  We design and stock a wide range of clothing perfect for getting your funk on.

What are our Festival Clothes about?

We chose the produces with the best products, designs, materials and prices so that we source only the best for you festival going hippy folk. As mentioned above, we also design some of the festival clothing. We like unique, which is why we make agreements with our producers that they make up certain stock that we have designed (with love) which they cannot make for anyone else meaning that the designs really are one of a kind and cannot be purchased elsewhere. Cool eh?!

Clothing doesn’t have to be boring and we have worked very hard to make sure our funky festival clothing is unique, comfy, fun and affordable all year around.
We know how much people love to wear these funky festival threads and so set out in 2010 to make sure we could provide our customers with festival clothes all year every year.

Funky Festival ClothesAs I said, we wear this clothing ourselves and know how hard it is (was) to find this type of fun, bright and colourful clothing outside of the festivals and so Mystical Mayhem was born. Since the birth of hippyclothinguk we are helping so many find the amazing bold clothing that they want 365 days a year.
So if you are heading off camping, off on holiday or off to a local festival and want to get into the festival spirit before you go then look no further, we have what you need.

We stock everything from festival trousers, tops and jackets for both men and women and have a  constant supply of new festival clothes coming in each week to keep the most avid festival goer in funky festival clothes all year around. Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing work tirelessly with our producers and suppliers always searching for new and interesting styles so you don’t have to wear what everyone else on the high street is wearing, festivals are about diversity and our clothing couldn’t be more diverse as we bring you unique handmade clothing fresh from our producers.Funky Festival Clothes

We think it is so important for people to be able to express themselves and what better way than the way that you dress. Show people who you are, what mood you are in and how you feel by putting on your favourite festival clothes.
Never be afraid to express yourself. Be who you are and not who the masses tell you to be!