Ganesh Throws

Ganesh throws are really wonderful. We love them here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.  We stock a wide variety of Indian Ganesh throws.  The idea of this page is just to give you a little overview of some of the Ganesh throws  that we sell because we want to show you how great they are.

Ganesh Throws

Ganesh ThrowsWe stock a small but quality selection of Ganesh (Ganesha) patterned hippie style throws.  Our Ganesh throws are handmade in India were they are also hand dyed.  All of our Ganesh throws have been made from 100% cotton. These fantastic Ganesh throws are made from 100% cotton. We are sure that if you love images of the elephant god Ganesh then you will love our hippie style throws alongside our great hippy clothing range

Ganesh is referred to as a deva. A deva is something or someone who is considered heavenly, divine or revered as anything of excellence. Ganesh is a Hindu deity and is one of the most worshipped. If you have not heard much or even anything about Ganesh then I would suggest looking him up as his story makes for a very interesting read.  Ganesha is easily recognised by his Elephant head. Ganesh is known for many things however the main would be that he is the remover of obstacles alongside great intellect and wisdom. Ganesha was the child of  Shiva and Parvati.

The image of Ganesh is used throughout India and Nepal and is worshipped by people who follow the Hindu religion .  Devotion to Ganesh can also be found with Buddhists.  You don’t have to Ganesh Throwsworship Ganesh or follow the religion to see why people are captivated by the artwork involving him.

Throw Uses

So, whether you use these great looking cotton Ganesh throws as bed spreads, wall hangings, throws, picnic blankets or also beach blankets we are sure they will bring colour and joy to your life and your festival clothing assortment.

We currently stock many colours in our Ganesh range including purple, orange, green, multicolour, red, brown, yellow and pink. Ganesha has become a symbol used many times in hippie style clothing and artwork, none better then our cotton coloured Ganesh Throws.