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Get the Look: Flower Power

Hippy Flower PowerNowadays, we think of flower power as a staple hippy trend that’s a little bit retro and kind of sweet. But did you know that it originated as a form of peaceful protest?Here’s a little bit on the history of flower power, plus some funky and fabulous outfit ideas to get you started.

A brief introduction to Flower Power

The post-war baby boomers were young, free and hip. They wanted peace, and they made sure it showed – in how they dressed and in their actions.

They wore vibrant clothing and flowers in their hair. They gave flowers and anti-war literature to the public. It was a counterculture of psychedelic drugs, music, art and liberality.

‘Flower Power’ was a symbol of non-violet protest during the Vietnam War. During a time of violent and dangerous demonstrations, the ‘flower children’ used flowers to create peaceful demonstrations and displays – even going as far as placing flowers in the barrels of soldiers’ guns. You can read more about the flower children in this post.

But is flower power still relevant to today’s hippies – and can we still pull off floral fashion?

Flower Power today

Say what you like about the state of the world today, but we are living in a time that is seeing a rise in the popularity of music festivals, interest in alternative living and spirituality, and a return to community values. Flower children are still among us!

Flower Power fashion

60s fashion isn’t just for festivals! It’s about carrying that sense of peace and freedom with you always. Here’s how…

1.      Flowers in your hair

Nothing says ‘I’m part of the movement’ like a flower headdress. Real or artificial, flowers are a symbol of peace that just happen to look great in long or short hair.

2.      Flower power clothing

Obviously, we’ve got you covered here. But if you’re not sure where to start, remember: with the new spirit of permissiveness, the 60s brought us miniskirts and dresses. The old rules of fashion no longer applied – so why should we worry about keeping things below the knee? We love our multi-coloured rainbow tie-dye skirt and Thai elephant skirts in various lengths. These also look great with tights.

3.      Flowers in your home and garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a flower garden, make sure you plant great varieties such as chrysanthemums, alstroemerias, carnations, roses, tulips, dahlias. These are easy to grow and make beautiful cut flowers. You could give them to friends (or strangers) as a symbol of peace.

Our top Flower Power picks

  1. Dark pink cotton hippy dungarees with flower design

Comfort is key to feeling free and looking relaxed. We love these soft cotton dungarees with three pockets – including a handy hidden pocket under the flower-design patch on the bib.

2.      Long hippy dress with red flowers

This beautiful dress would look just as good with bare feet and a floral headdress as it would with tan boots, a paisley pashmina and an oh-so-boho fringed bag.

3.      Multi-coloured floppy hippy hat with flower design

Great for guys! Support the modern flower power movement with this handmade hippy hat with patches and a flower design.