Gifts for hippies are becoming more and more popular as we try to find unique gifts for those we love.  Not sure of what to get the special hippie in your life? Or not sure what to get your hippie friends? Well, look no further because Mystical Mayhem Hippie Clothing and Gifts sell a wide variety of Fair Trade hippy style gifts.

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Gifts for Hippies

Fair Trade Gifts for HippiesMystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing and Gifts have been trading since 2010 and many of our customers know us, not only for the for the great range of hippie style clothing that we sell but also for our extensive range of fair trades gifts for hippies.

We wanted to bring our customers a range of gifts that are well made, unique and priced to suit all budgets. Over the years we have learnt how important gift giving is and we know that you want to get it just right.

Our range of hippie gifts includes many things that make a hippy happy.  Aside from our wonderful festival clothing, our extensive range of incense and incense holders are very popular. We offer many different scents from many of the leading producers of incense such as the ever popular Nag Champa. People love variety and so, we wanted to make sure our customers had a nice variety to pick through.

Our range of soy bean wax candles smell fantastic and are made from hydrogenated soy bean oil and free of synthetic wax or paraffin.Fair Trade Gifts for Hippies
We know people love trinket boxes and so we have an extensive range of handmade wooden trinket boxes some of which are your more traditional Indian style where as others have a fun quirky shape to them with hidden hidey holes.

We could go on and name all the fun and fantastic hippie gifts we sell but we could be here all day.  Instead just click on one of the links above to have a look through our range of fair trade gifts for hippies and see if there is something that will make a hippie smile today.  Cheers for coming to have a look at our online store.