Its nearly that time of year again.  Avid festival goers from across the UK and across the world are preparing for one of the biggest music festivals in the world.  Glastonbury is perhaps one of the most famous music festivals, of course Woodstock is right at the top of that list but Glastonbury performs well year in year out and for most festival goers is the start of the new festival season here in the UK. With the stone circle, healing field and teepees its a hippy’s place to relax.
Glastonbury Festival Panoramic

Glastonbury Festival is Back 2017

Often festival goers have to contend with deep mud and washed out fields but most people who attend Glastonbury festival are happy campers and get into the festival spirit.  One year I remember seeing a man canoe in some of the deep puddles, the fact that this person decided to turn up with a canoe just speaks about the kinds of people ready to brave the torrential downpour that like most years will probably happen this year, here’s hoping for a nice dry one this year though.  The festival really does come into it’s own when the weather stays nice and clear.

So have you packed your wellies, waterproof poncho and your beer?

We have already had reports from customers who are stocking up on beer and alcohol for this years festival.  It doesn’t hurt to be prepared, remember no glass is allowed on site so cans or plastic bottles only guys.  Remember to drink lots of water during your long days of drinking, the biggest reason people end up in the first aid tents is dehydration caused by excessive alcohol consumption, sun stroke is the other major cause of problems, ironic I know being it normally wets it down but during those dry spells the sun really does blaze through,  grab your hat and stay cool.

Don’t leave your tent

Don’t leave your tent as this causes massive issues with the clean up and has major environmental implications, take your tent home and use it again at the next festival you go to.  One year one of our friends thought it might me a good idea to burn his tent, this is a bad idea, its not very good for the environment and is clearly unsafe so think about the other people around you and take your stuff home. Where every possible throw your rubbish into the bins provided.

With bands like Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, RadioHead and Royal Blood we are sure you are in for a fantastic time.

Don’t forget to get your hippie clothing sorted before travelling, we are finding more and more that people would rather grab their clothing before making off to the festival as it means they can just concentrate on having a good time while they are there.  Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing sell great looking festival clothing all year around.

We hope that everyone who is making it to this year Glastonbury Festival has a cracking time, stay safe and have fun.