Autumn Equinox

Happy Mabon! Autumn Equinox - Playing in leavesEveryone here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing would like to wish you wonderful folk a Happy Mabon!
Today is the Autumn equinox which is the day when Autumn officially begins. Woo! Mabon is a wonderful celebration as Autumn is one of my favourite seasons.It is just so beautiful. Time to celebrate the equinox and the beginning of a new season.

What Is An equinox?

An equinox is an astronomical event which happens but twice a year. The astronomical event happens when the earths equator passes through the centre of the sun. When this happens the effect that it has is that it creates an equal amount day and an equal amount of night.
The equinox’s are always March and August (Spring & Autumn) however due to the earth being a little wobbly in its axis, the dates do vary slightly.

Ostara which is the spring equinox happens in March and Mabon in August.

MabonHappy Mabon! Autumn Equinox - Sun

Mabon which is the Autumn equinox and the one that we are celebrating today. It is always in September indicating the first day of Autumn and occurs usually (remember the wobbly axis) on the 21/24 Sept.

This equinox offers perfect equilibrium. In and outer, dark and light and both masculine and feminine. The world is in balance once again.
The cycle of the natural world means that the light is waning and the darkness defeats the light. The power of the sun is weakening and the days start to grow shorter and the nights longer. This is not a bad thing at all. We came from the dark and so it is only right that we return there. Worry not though as when the next equinox comes we will be reaching back into the light. Cause and effect my friends, every action has an equal reaction. This is the same in the cosmos and with the gods as it is for us.

Mabon marks the middle of harvest season.  It is a time to reap what you sow and be thankful for what mother nature provides. Time for celebration and balance and the perfect opportunity to finish of projects that you have started and get ready for a change in lifestyle. If you want to make a change in your life, now is the time to reflect and do so. An opportunity to take stock and decide what is important, what you need in your life and what you can say goodbye to.

Say goodbye to the summer sum and welcome in the fire of Autumn with open arms!

Autumn is Here

Happy Mabon! Autumn Equinox - Warm HippyDon’t get me wrong, although we love summer, there is something special about a change in season and the opportunities that it brings. I just love the feeling when it starts getting a little colder outside. The air starts to feel and even smell different. Autumn always gets me thinking about the wonderful times ahead such as Halloween, Fireworks Night and of course, Christmas. It is so nice to be outside in the cold when you are all bundled up and warm.

I am a sucker for the cold – just imagine it is late Autumn, you are in your nice warm house and decide that you want to go out walk. What do you wear? Some nice warm hippy clothing of course. You put on your favourite hippie clothes, a nice warm scarf and perhaps some gloves depending on how cold it is outside, and go out for a bimble. It is chilly, you can see your breath and you pull your clothing tighter around you. Ah bliss!

It is worth it though when you see all of the different colour changes in nature. You see animals out and about and the land around you looks stunning. There is something so peaceful about the season. You start to make your way home. By the time that you reach your front door you are relaxed and refreshed. Once inside, you take off your heavy layers and enjoy a nice hot cup o tea or, depending on how you feel, how about a nice mug of mulled wine. Yummy!

Your Autumn Clothing

Autumn Hippy Hats

 We love being out and about in the cold so here is a bit of advice on some great ideas for your Autumn kit;

Lets start from the head shall we as no-one wants cold ears. A warm head helps you to keep warm so this one to us is rather important.
Of course, when anyone talks about keeping your head warm, what is the first thing that pops into your head – yep that’s right, hats. We have a huge selection here for you to choose from. Woollen hats, recycled silk hats, dreadlock hats and we even have hats for the little ones.

We have covered your heads so now for our necks with some wonderful scarves that can double up as blankets or pashminas depending on your mood. Our wonderful scarves are made out of a nice soft material called cashmilon which is uber snugable! We also have a fabulous range of woollen snoods. All are suitable for both suitable for men and women.

Wool Hippy JacketsHow about some lovely jackets and jumpers to keep  you warm. We have such a selection of hippy jackets for you to choose from. From cotton through to cashmilon and many with fleece lining they are sure to keep you nice and toasty. We know that fleece lining is not for everyone and so – we also have some lovely warm jackets which are not fleece lined. These jackets are only a few of the huge range that we have.Hippy Wool Socks

So, we have the top half covered now what about your pins – of course you can wear regular jeans to keep your legs warm if you have them or, you could wear something funky instead. Just because it is cold out doesn’t mean you can’t wear bight bold hippy clothing. We have some wonderful thick cotton patchwork trousers which come in bright or neutral colours and, we also have some beautiful acrylic wool trousers which come is such a variety of colours in a wonderful pattern.

Last but not least – your tootsies.  Fancy keeping your feet warm with some nice fleece lined woollen sock? Yes – you have come to the right place. There is nothing worse than being at home out outside and having cold feet. Brrrr! I find that if my feet are cold then the rest of me feels cold. This is exactly the reason that we have some lovely woollen fleece lined socks to offer you. We have both short standard sized and also long. These socks come in a variety of colours and sizes. The short version are even available in mohair style. Trust me when I say they are so comfy and oh so very warm.