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Harem Trousers and Their Awesomeness!

Multicoloured Cotton Hippy Style Patctwork Harem Ali Baba Trousers

Now, I think almost everyone in the whole of this wonderful universe loves harem pants.. Ok so maybe a little over exaggeration there but lots and lots of people love them.  If you are one of the anomaly’s that are not so keen then please answer me this 1 question -Why Not????.

I mean come on, what’s not to love about harem trousers, they are stylish, they are comfortable, they are versatile as can be worn in more than one way aaaannnnd they come in so many different colours and designs. One of the great things about harem trousers is that with a few changes to accessories and shoes they can be perfect for many occasions such as, dinner, date, a day at the office and even just lounging about the house.

If you still don’t love harem pants then that’s cool everyone likes different things. We still love you!

So firstly we have established that harem trousers (aka ali baba trousers) are awesome now let’s find out where they came from…Black Hippy Style Harem Genie Trousers with Elephant Print

Harem pants are trousers that were inspired by middle eastern styles and by Turkish trousers which are known as Salvar. Salvar and the middle eastern style were the same style as harem trousers in that they are baggy trousers caught in at the ankle. Some even say that the inspiration also came from traditional bloomers.

Harem pants were introduced into the western culture in the early 1900s by a French fashion designer  and have been in and out of fashion since. These versatile trousers are know by many names and here are a few that you may have heard of :  Ali Baba Trousers, Sultan Skirts (jupe-sultane) or trouser skirt (jupe-pantalon). All of these names are still used today.

After going out of fashion, harem trousers were re-introduced back into society in the 1980’s and were worn most famously by MC Hammer (Can’t Touch This) and have pretty much been worn ever since and are most popular with those of us who call ourselves hippy’s although in all honesty, harem trousers are loved by all different types of people, old and young and even by men.

As harem trousers have been adapted and are used by so many different cultures it means that there are so many different styles and designs to choose from. We are so spoilt for choice which is of course wonderful but sometimes hard to choose which ones we want!

There are 2 main types of harem trousers;

Hippy Style HaremTrousers

              Hippy Ali Baba Harem Trousers

Pink Floral Harem Genie Trousers

Hippy Genie Harem Trousers

Both types of trousers are brilliant and a comfy joy to wear and thanks to different cultures, there is more that 1 way to wear harem trousers, well the ali baba harem trousers,  there are 2 that we know of however I am sure the more stylish and creative of you know more ways.
The 1st way is of course the traditional way that you would wear a pair of trousers and the 2nd; because of the baggyness and length of the crotch, if you pull the trousers up over your bust then they become a rather snazzy looking pantsuit. You are very welcome!!

We of course sell both beautiful types in many different designs and colours. Just click here to be transported to the wonderful world of harem trousers.

Hippy Harem Trousers