Welcome to our page dedicated to our wonderful hippie clothes. Here at Mystical Mayhem Hippie Clothing we pride ourselves on finding you the best of the best when it comes to something unique. We want you to be happy in what you wear knowing that you look fantastic and most noteworthy, feeling amazing.

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Our Hippie Clothes

Hippie ClothesHere we stock a wide range of alternative clothing for you. Because we are serious about what we do, our range contains some of the big brand names such as Bares and Gringo in addition to our own design and brand, Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.

We specialise in boho hippie clothes for both all genders. We stock a wide variety of alternative style clothes that bring together a feel for the modern bohemian.  You don’t have to wear this kind of clothing all year around to appreciate or like our great collection. These kind of threads can be worn at your favourite festival or when you want to simply let loose. Out and about wherever you are. As a result of wearing what you like, you will be happier!  Whatever you desire, we are all about helping people find the clothing that helps them become themselves or furthermore just complements who they are already.

Our range of Fair Trade clothes are sourced from around the world, with our main hippy clothing coming from India and Nepal.  Almost all of the clothes we sell are handmade and hand dyed in the country of origin.  We work very closely with our suppliers to find you new and interesting boho hippie clothes that are unique and exciting. Above all, more than anything, we want you to love what you wear. Consequently, making you very happy hippies.


As mentioned some of our ranges include the Gringo Fair Trade brand as well as the German Bares brand.  If you’re looking for warm woollen jumpers or lightweight rayon shirts then, we are confident Hippie Clothesthat as our website continues to grow, you will find a wide choice of fabulous gear for both summer and winter. All seasons in fact because we want you to look great all year round!

As our fair trade clothes are handmade you will find that a lot of it is unique and cannot be reproduced exactly the same as another  piece.  As a result of this, we find gives its an edge on other clothing markets. Why? For the reason that it means that you will really have something that someone else won’t have.  The style of jacket or skirt may remain the same but it’s hard to reproduce the same colour pattern. However , as a result, because of the fact that most items are unique, people will be jealous so be prepared 🙂

Don’t think we stop with just clothing as we also stock a range of hippie throws, bed spreads, bags, purses, gifts and much much more.  Just remember we are adding new stock all the time and hope to have even more fabulous garments for you soon.

So, whatever your needs we hope to be able to meet them so take a look at our shop and see what you think.
Finally, we are glad that you found us. Take a look around my fellow hippies and we hope you like what you see.