What is a Rock Festival?

Festivals really are truly amazing and each one is an experience of a lifetime. If you go to festivals regularly then you will know exactly what we are talking about. For those hippies, rockers and anyone else who have never been to one I would highly recommend it. Festivals are an experience that you will never forget. If you love music then you will love going to a rock festival! Trust us, as The Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing team have been to loads and will continue to do so until, well the end of all time!

Whats a Rock Festival all about?

A rock festival,  or rock fest as some call it, is considered to be a large-scale rock music concert. The term “rock” seems to be used rather loosely these days. Where once it was just purely hard rock, nowadays, modern rock festivals will feature many bands all performing a diverse range of popular music which will including genres such as rock, pop, folk and anything else that sounds good.

Rock festivals are mostly held outdoors, often in open rural areas or open-air sports Hippie-Rock-Festivalsarenas, fairgrounds and parks and typically last two or more days.  Wohoo! We like weekend festivals. However, not all rock fests are held outside as sometimes it is just not feasible and plus, as soon as they became popular, promoters took decided that they could cash in on the terms “rock festival” and “pop festival”, and some events advertised as such took place in indoor arenas on a single evening featuring only a handful of acts.

I have been to both indoor and outdoor music festivals and I have to say I enjoy both. The key is picking one with the music that you like the most. if you are off to see some of your favourite bands, who cares right. In or out you still get the hear the same amazing music. Fundamentally I agree that a festival should span over more that 1-2 days and should be held outside but, hey ho, things are what they are and as long as there will be music, meh!

The First Music Festivals

The first music festivals that appeared caught so much media attention as well, can you imagine what a spectacle it was. Concerts were in existence but in comparison these were so small and low key that no one had seen anything like it.
It is generally acknowledged by most that the very first two rock festivals were staged in northern California on consecutive weekends in the summer of 1967 (what a year): the KFRC Fantasy Fair & Magic Mountain Music Festival on Mount Tamalpais (June 10–11) and the Monterey International Pop Festival (June 16–18).  As you can imagine, the concept caught fire and spread super quickly, not only across America but the world. So, so many people love a good festival.

According to Bill Mankin ( a very interesting fellow whom you should Google), in their dawning age, rock festivals were important socio-cultural milestones: “… it would not be an exaggeration to say that, over a few short years, rock festivals played a unique, significant – and under appreciated role in fuelling the counter cultural shift that swept not only America but many other countries [during the 1960s]. It seems fitting that one of the most enduring labels for the entire generation of that era was derived from a rock festival: the ‘Woodstock Generation’.”

Rock Festivals Today

Today, they are still usually open air concerts spread out over several days. Many are annual events sponsored by major corporations.  For example Reading/Leeds Festival in the UK ( was once called Reading Rock by people although nowadays it’s not so rocky) is sponsored by Carling.  Many of the festivals have stages that are sponsored, normally by drinks companies for example the Pepsi Max Stage or the Red Bull Studio Stages of which can be found at Download festival in the UK.

Once people have found a good rock festival that they love, they generally tend to go back years after year for as long as they can. Many people camp out at rock festivals however now at many festivals, instead of taking a tent and camping they now glamp or stay in a teepee. These options however are rather expensive. We would love to stay in a teepee (you can get them with real beds in) but we have not had the opportunity. One day though for sure. As much as I love rock festivals, I am not such a huge fan of camping and am a creature of comfort and so love a bed… Not very rock I know, but……

Besides rock, many feature multiple genres of music such as pop, dance, and electronic. Some owners of radio stations produce radio festivals that only include bands of a specific style of rock (according to what the station wants to promote).

We love these kind of events as people can express themselves in the best way they see fit. This normally involves wearing all kinds of fun and funky clothing including of course hippie clothing. But whether you are a hippy, a rocker or a raver it doesn’t matter. We are all there to have a  good time and to get along.

Rock On!!