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Hippie’s in Lockdown

So the COVID19 situation has made many of us change the way we look at life. Our whole way of life has been turned upside down and here in the UK for the last 8 or so week we have been shut away from our friends and family. Some good things may come out of this but the biggest effect it could be having is on our metal health. Us hippies are a resilient lot but like everyone we need to interact with people and keep our minds healthy.
Hippie's in Lockdown

Hippie’s in Lockdown: What can you do?

We still have some wonderful hippie clothing to uploaded so our day is pretty full keeping the website ticking over but with many people not working you’ll need to find things to occupy your time. Keeping your mind active is the key to not going crazy during this rather strange time. Here are a few ideas on how to stop your hippie mind leaving with the faeries.

-Get out at least once a day

Hippie's in Lockdown - exercise
Us hippies love the outdoors so make sure you don’t stay lock up all day. You’re allowed to exercise out of the house so don’t just sit and watch TV all day. We are now allowed to drive to locations for exercise so if you have no local access to parks, or the country then jump in your car and get moving out of town. If you are unable to drive then no worries as taking a walk anywhere beats sitting around the house, you’ll find that your brain engages more and your feel better, trust me I’m a hippie.

-Start a new hobby

Hippie's in Lockdown - learn an instrument
Whether is knitting, reading or playing an instrument now is a great time to start a new hobby. With people finding they have more time on their hands its a great idea to put your mind to good use find something you enjoy. Us hippies love to be creative so arts and crafts, writing or playing an instrument first come to mind. Don’t limit yourself though, as it’s easy to find information online to starting learning something new.

-Learn a new skill

The government are offering free courses so people who have been furloughed (or anyone) can learn something new. This is a great opportunity to get yourself ready for when the world turns back to normal, which we are hoping will be nice and soon. Just checkout the government’s Skills Toolkit.

-Talk to friends on facetime/zoom

The way we talk to people has changed at least for the moment. Gathering with our friends and family face to face in large groups is something that at the moment isn’t easy. With social distancing measures in place the one thing I miss the most is being around my friends and family. No neighbourhood BBQ’s, no family get together’s and no friends joining us for our big half yearly reunions. Being around people is what makes us humans, we need that human interaction because without communication between each other then life is just not the same. Thankfully and although not a long term solution we have facetime so we are able to see the beaming face of our loved ones. From saying a quick hello to jumping on zoom and having neighbourhood quiz nights this form of social gathering is helping keep people sane. If you haven’t tried then give it a go.

-Pick up the phone

Some older folk don’t have the means to use modern tech so don’t be shy and pick up the phone and talk with your gran or grandad, these guys are possibly very lonely as they have in many cases been cut off from all contact. They’ll be happy you called I can guarantee.


Hippie's in Lockdown-MeditationOne of the cliché of being a hippie is we all meditate. Well to be honest if you don’t you should give it a try. Find a nice quiet place, get into a comfortable position (not lying down), light some incense and relax. Breath in and out normally and concentrate on your breathing. Trying to focus on one thing like your breathing will help clear your mind of other things, once you are as ease you will find it is easier to clear your thoughts and relax.


If you are lucky enough to have your own garden then get the hell out there. If you have the funds to add a bit of colour then great, if funds are not so good at the moment then moving plants around or just tidying up the place will make you fell better, weeding and cutting your grass is a good start. You can also exercise in your garden as well as use it as your quiet place to meditate. Having breakfast, lunch and/or dinner in the garden is also a great idea, when the weather permits of course.

Your Continued Support

Many of you are continuing to support us during this time by purchasing our range of wonderful hippy clothing,  we thank you kindly for your support and want you to know how much it means to us that you still love what we do. Many of our suppliers rely on small businesses like ours to keep them going, as long as we can keep selling our clothing we are able to keep putting orders through to our suppliers which means producers in places like Nepal and Indonesia can keep producing these wonderful items and supporting their families during this hard time.