Hippy Campers – What’s Your Choice?

Hippy Camping‘Got to get back to the land and set my soul free’ – Joni Mitchell, Woodstock lyrics
It may be a touch chilly for camping here in the UK. But we can dream!
Whether you’re planning fabulous festival accommodation, your summer camping holiday or a glamping spot in the back garden, you’ll probably need to decide between a campervan, tent or caravan.
If you haven’t already chosen how you’ll camp this year, check out our guide to these fab hideouts, plus tips on how to decorate them, hippy-style…

If freedom and flexibility are your priorities, a campervan could be for you. They’re everything you need all in one – transport and accommodation combined. They’re great for families and children love them.

The classic choice for the discerning hippy is of course the VW Camper. This iconic hippy van has such a beautiful look that it features in artwork (it inspired ours on the Hippie Clothing website!), toys, ornaments and clothing.

Refurbished VW vans in vintage colours are highly sought-after and don’t come cheap. But they’re not the only choice. You could even convert almost any van into your dream glamping experience on wheels.

How to hippie-up your campervan: start with soft furnishings for an easy hippy update. Colourful curtains, tie-dye throws, funky cushions and handmade hippy bedspreads give an instant colour boost.

Bell tents, yurts, tipis and an array of standard styles… for tent enthusiasts, the choices are endless. Here at Hippy Clothing HQ, our favourites are probably bell tents. They’re relatively cheap, portable and so easy to put up. Anyone can use them. Yurts, on the other hand, take a bit of specialist handling!

Hippy TentsTents may not offer as much protection from the elements as campervans, but they are a definite contender for best camping accommodation. For one thing, being closer to the elements means that you’re… well, closer to the elements!

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up with the birds, with little to disturb your lie-in except the sounds of nature. Canvas tents tend to stay cooler than standard nylon tents, too.

How to hippie-up your tent: Solar-powered fairy lights are essential. String them up outside to help you find your tent at night, and inside so that you can find your stuff once you’re in. Bunting is also a must. Bring lots of warm hippy blankets in case the nights are chilly.

Perhaps caravans aren’t the glamorous option at the moment – unless you count bright and beautiful gypsy-style caravans. But, having seen some lovely hippy caravans, we know that they can be glorious.

The best we’ve seen was a bohemian dream with beautiful Indian fabric covered seats and patterned paper on the cupboard doors. The loo had been converted into a luxurious walk-in wardrobe – with oodles of space for festival clothing.

Love them or hate them, convenient caravans stay more-or-less packed and ready for your next camping trip. They’re easy to customise. And, when they’re not being used for holidays, they can provide extra space – a spare bedroom, playroom or office – the choice is yours.

How to hippie-up your caravan: a spacious camping option, caravans can take all the bunting, fairy lights, blankets and rugs you can throw at them (well, almost). Brighten yours with painted or papered woodwork, beaded lampshades and garlands of artificial flowers. Of course with your hippy clothing on you’ll already be brightening up the place but it doesn’t hurt to add more colour.