Hippy chic really is a thing! The oxford dictionary states that to be chic is to be ‘elegantly and stylishly fashionable.’  It’s almost a joke to talk about hippy and chic in the same sentence because I find it hard for them both to go hand in hand but here we are and here you are, so lets get hippy.

Hippy Chic

Hippy ChicThe idea of hippy clothing being fashionable goes against my whole perception of what hippy clothing is all about.  However if you are talking about festival clothing being fashionable within the hippy community then its easier to accept the term hippy chic and that then makes our clothing store the best hippy clothing store for hippy chic fashion for the hippy community.

You are sure to be both elegantly and stylishly fashionable in our hippy clothing, well maybe not the elegant part, I guess its really about how you carry yourself.  Just don’t expect to be welcomed in with open arms to a black tie event if you turn up wearing any of our clothes, that however doesn’t me you shouldn’t try it and let us know how you  get on 😉 Hippy Chic

What better place to look for hippy chic fashion then one of the fastest growing hippy clothing companies in the UK. Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing offer some of the brightest and funkiest hippy chic fashions on the web.  All of our hippy chic clothes are handmade and many are unique due to this process.

We pride ourselves on producing and selling festival clothing that inspires people to live bright and colourful lives away from the dull and boring everyday fashions that our high streets can offer.  When people wear our clothing they find that they have found a unique piece of clothing that helps them express who they are as an individual.  This is what we have always believed is part of what being a hippy is all about.