Hippy Chick, huh we can hear you say – So what is a hippy chick? Um well that’s a real easy one to answer.  A hippy chick is a baby chicken that is heavily into free love and loves bright colourful clothing.  There are also hippy goslings and hippy ducklings but those guys are just a little crazy, so I would avoid them if possible 😉


Hippy Chick

Hippy ChickOk, so maybe that’s not quite right but, I bet you’re all thinking about little yellow chicks with flowers in their hair wearing tie dye shirts and other various pieces of hippy apparel.

Hippy chicks basically, in a nutshell are girls that just love to dress like hippies.  The 1960’s and 1970’s hippy chick image is famous the world over. You have beautiful women with long flowing hair, a hair band with a flower and funky top finished off with either a pair of flares or a floaty skirt. To be honest a hippy chick will wear what ever she is comfortable wearing. Regardless, she will look amazing!

Wearing good quality hippy clothing that you loves makes a very happy hippy chick and a very happy hippy chick makes for a happier Mystical Mayhem Festival ClothingHippy Chick
I know from personal experience that when you are wearing something that you love and it makes you feel good, you cannot help but smile and as we all know, smiles are infections (in a good way).

I always make a point to smile at people I don’t know and like to wonder how far the smile can spread. Smiles are feel good as is laughter. Have you ever heard someone laugh, not knowing what they were laughing at but laughed anyway. Happiness spreads so keep smiling ladies and be a hippy chick that passers by will be pleased to see.

Of course the modern hippy chick has changed a little since the 1960’s hippy chick but the principles remain the same. Freedom of expression.