Hippy clothes for festivals have become a staple for festival goers worldwide. Festival season is here again and the big question of everyone lips is “What Hippy clothing Shall I wear?”. Our full clothing selection is below.
Hippy Clothes for Festivals

Well the question of “What Hippy clothing Shall I wear?” might not be on everyone’s lips but I’m sure there are a few people out there that are wondering what hippy clothing should they wear to their favourite festival.  Well we have some great ideas to run past you that we think you are going to really get behind.

Hippy clothes for Festivals – Girls & Young Women

Hippy Clothes for FestivalsSo we think that no young women should be with out a nice pair of hippy shorts when they go to a festival.  It doesn’t matter what festival I go to there are always girls running around in shorts and wellies.  We have some lovely Indonesian funky pattern soft feel rayon shorts that come in 5 colours with either lace trim or pom poms.  These great looking hippy festival shorts feel great and look fantastic.

Of course there is always the tie dye hot pants or tie dye shorts.  Either one of these short ideas will look great with those wellies we are sure you will also be wearing. We also not have some really beautiful Elephant print Shorts available in many colours. To go along with the shorts, one of our tie dye tops would really finish the hippy chick hippy clothing look off.  We sell a wide range of both hippy tie dye vest tops and tie dye t shirts.  We have some lovely cotton jackets that are great for wearing over the top of your tie dye tops.  Don’t forget one of our thick weave cotton ponchos for when it gets a bit cooler later in the day.  These ponchos double up as a sleeping blanket (so a customer has informed me).

Women Hippy clothes for Festivalshippy clothing

Lovely flowing hippy skirts work really well at festivals and we have a wide range of hippie wrap skirts made from cotton. Our cotton throw wrap skirts are on of our best sellers.  We have many different designs and colours so suit everyone’s tastes. Most of these skirts are handmade in India. We also have some very unique recycled silk  wrap skirts which have been handmade in India. Each and every skirt is slightly different due to the patchwork and handmade nature of the item. Why not check out our vest tops and blouses to see if you can find something to add to your pile of festival clothing.

So we know it can get cold during the evening and our pixie wool jackets are perfect for relaxing around the fire as these hippy inspired wool jackets come with a big old pixie hood and fleece lined inside.Don’t forget our cotton thick weave ponchos as well as they are perfect for snuggling in.

Male Hippy clothes for Festivals


Our very popular striped Nepalese hippy trousers are great for wearing around a festival, they offer great movement and are light weight and sure to dry out quickly if (when) it rains.  These fantastic hippy styled trousers come in many colours and sizes to fit most peoples needs.  If you like your clothing baggy then just order the next size up.


Tie dye t shirts are a great hippie clothing addition to wear at a festival, they are bright and colourful and light weight.  We also have some great looking tie tops that come in so many funky colours.  Each of the  Thai tops also come with two front pockets that could come in handy, just be warned though that if you jump around the things in the pockets are quite likely to jump out.

Our grandad shirts are always a good bet for festivals, made from the same material as the striped trousers these hippy collarless shirts are light weight and look great.  Also don’t forget our hooded patchwork tops, everyone is unique.

JacketsHippy Clothes for Festivals

If you really like the hippy look and want to wear something that will stand out then we have a wonderful new long cotton hippy jacket for the blokes.  Handmade in Nepal this long colourful thick weave cotton jacket is made from the same material as the cotton ponchos that are so popular on our website. The long cloak type jacket comes with a big hood, two side pockets and two inside pocket that have zips so you can keep your things safe and close by.  We know what its like to be at a festival so we designed this jacket to keep you warm, look amazing and be functional as well.  Of course if you think the jacket is a bit risky for you then our other cotton jackets work well as well as some of our wool jumpers.