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Hippy Clothing Aberdeen

The city has a nice and long sandy coastline due to the fact that it is sat on 2 river mouths. Due to the sandy coastline and the maritime climate, Aberdeen is known for its relatively chilly summers and mild (ish) winters. You will want to make sure that you keep a nice supply of colourful and warm hippy clothing Hippy Clothing Aberdeenthroughout the year so that you can shine nice and bright on even the dullest of days. We have a great range of woollens that can help you out as well as a wonderful range of fleece lined hippie clothing.

Being the home of 2 great universities, there are also a whole host of students that just love our diverse hippy clothing due to style and comfort. Making sure we cater for everyone has always been at the heart of our business, with items for men , women and children. We certainly have a little something to suit everyone and even offer a range of gift items. We even have some wonderful woolly socks and blankets to keep your feet nice and warm. Super helpful for those living in halls of residence.


Although Aberdeen is Scotland’s third most populated city, it is one of the most popular. There has been human settlement in Aberdeen for at least 8,000 years and so naturally, it has some history. In 1319 a charter granted by Robert the Bruce saw Aberdeen become a financially independent community which prospered as the years passed.  The city had some severe ups and downs with the bubonic plague wiping out a quarter of the population in 1647 and then becoming bankrupt in 1817, however in true Scots style, they picked themselves up and made themselves the wonderful city that we see today.

Dunnotar Castle

Many people think cities are all just buildings and yes Aberdeen has a lot of them and is know by many names such as Granite City & Silver City due to all of the grey buildings however, it also breaks records. Aberdeen has won Britain in Bloom an astonishing 10 times and really looks wonderful.