Confetti-Festival-FinishHello friends, and welcome to our Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing blog. What better time to start it than in June, otherwise known as the ‘Glastonbury Rainy Season’.
If you’re lucky enough to be going to Glasto this year and it’s your first time, we envy you! Nothing can really prepare you for the sensory spectacle that will greet you from the second you arrive. (Although we found a lovely description for newbies here by Somersetsun; we think she nailed it.)

Unfortunately, there’s also little that can prepare you for the weather. Like a toddler in a tantrum, it’s intractable, irascible and inevitably wet at some point. The best thing you can do is ride it out in style and make sure that, first and foremost, you’re comfortable. There’s so much to take in and think about while you’re there that you don’t want any of your attention wasted on mundanities such as how hot/cold/damp things are getting.

The Hippy Clothing

Cashmilon or Cashmelon hippy clothing (some things are just so good they demand a second spelling) is a firm festival favourite for hippie clothing because it’s warm but also lightweight. It’s incredibly versatile and makes excellent everything from blankets to clothes.

Our trousers are a staple find in any hippy’s festival rucksack because the cut makes them very breathable while the the fabric gives you great protection against the mercurial elements. Or why not go for a poncho? They are great multi-taskers because they are essentially a wearable blanket, giving you something to cover up with and sit on in one piece.

You can see our full range of Cashmilon Cashmelon festival survival wear right here. And for the less exciting things on your shopping list, check out Glastonbury’s packing guide on their own site.

Be safe, be yourself and prepare to be amazed!