Hippy Clothing Company

Welcome to Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing Company.  We are a Fair Trade Hippy Clothing company and have been trading since 2010 and have been amazingly fast growing thanks to the demand for wonderful, bright and innovative Fair Trade Hippy Clothing.

Hippy Clothing Company

Hippy Clothing CompanyWe are super proud to say that our Fair Trade hippy clothing company is one of the fastest growing  Boho hippy  festival clothing companies in the UK and is gaining speed and awareness in many international countries too 🙂

Our Boho hippy clothing company was started so that we could bring to market some of the best in hippy clothing fashion. We know how important clothing is to many  people as a tool to enable you to help express yourselves. We live in a day and age where using clothes to shout who you are is a thing. You can tell so many different types of people by the clothing that they wear. Hippy’s, Goths, there are just so many. Ok, so not everyone sticks to a specific style and many people like to mix and match many looks, but that is ok and just who they are. There is nothing wrong with sticking to one style or adopting many. It matters not to us what you wear just as long as you like what you wear!

Our company motto is ‘making life brighter one piece of clothing at a time’

Our motto is very close to our hearts as we live, breathe and sleep the hippy look. We love bright, colourful, bold and expressive clothing. Hippy clothing does not have to be bright however, we do Hippy Clothing Companyhave much clothing that is for the more subtle hippy 🙂 We try our hardest to cater to all hippy’s from our Fair Trade Hippy Clothing Company.

At present we are currently stocking over 1800 hippy clothing products.We are always adding new products and as a company hope to be able to continue to do so for many years to come. Specialising in Fair Trade hippy festival clothing for men and women. Our comprehensive handmade clothing range inspires individuality. The festival clothing ranges Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing offer are all handmade and so each item is sure to be slightly different from any other. Our clothing company was founded with simple aims to provide new and interesting hippy clothing.
Our hippy clothes are produced in fair trade environments and so no child labour is used.

Why not come and have a little look see what we have  here at Mystical Mayhem Clothing and Gifts on our Fair Trade Hippy Clothing Company online store..