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Hippy Clothing Exeter

Hippy Clothing ExeterExeter is a wonderful and ancient city sat on the River Exe which is well known for its open attitudes toward all people from all walks of life. This is what makes it the perfect setting for some stunning hippy clothing.

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With it’s busting streets full of the festival vibe, boutique shops galore you can be sure to meet plenty of like minded people wearing unique hippy clothing and enjoying the various street festivals that the city holds. Relax in your favourite hippy clothes and have some fun in this bustling city.


Dating back to the Roman era, in fact before then even it is said that there was a Cornish tribe settlement, it is said to have been the most south westerly Roman settlement. The small city is

Exeter Cathedral

surrounded by the Exeter City Walls which were built for protection. Other than the wall, some other things that would be of interest are the wonderful interesting and unique underground passages that were originally built to bring clean water into a medieval Exeter. These passages are said to be rather narrow and dark but very interesting and exciting! Oh and don’t forget about the wonderful gothic cathedral.

The original cathedral dates back to 1050 however, unfortunately, during the 2nd world war, much of the city was levelled due to severe bombing, including parts of the cathedral which had to have some serious repair work done to it. There was much work to be done however the fair folk of Devon did not bat an eye lid and built the city back up to its currently beauty. Once the heart of the wool trade, Exeter is now known as the centre of tourism for both Devon and Cornwall.

With well over 2,000 years in the making , we are certain that you will find plenty to keep you occupied when visiting. From catching up on local history, to walks in the many parks, shopping and attending any of their many festivals all throughout the year, there really is something for everyone.

With plenty to see and so in the wonderful city, you will certainly need to spend a little time planning what you want to get up to. While you are at it, planning for  a new hippie clothing outfit or two wouldn’t go amiss!