So you want to be a hippy and need hippy clothing fancy dress ideas? You are in most certain in the right place.  Come on in to Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.
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Hippy Clothing Fancy Dress Ideas

Hippy themed fancy dress parties are becoming a really big thing.  It would seem that people just love dressing up as hippies. Maybe its the bight funky colours or the comfy flowing clothing or most likely the fact that for some people it’s a real step out of their everyday clothing.  What ever your reason for throwing a hippy fancy dress party we are sure we can help with some great looking and affordable hippy clothing.

I should say at this point that we DO NOT rent out any clothing but for the normal price of renting you will be able to buy a fantastic festival clothing outfit that you might just find you will wear again and again.

Male Hippy Fancy Dress


Well, lets get you started on your road to hippiedom.  We have a nice wide selection of shirts and tops that fit the hippy style very well.  It really depends on how far you want to go with your hippy look.  Here are a few suggestions for a good hippy shirt or hippy top:

Striped Nepalese Grandad Shirt

Hippy Clothing Fancy Dress IdeasThese collarless shirts are a favourite amongst us hippy types.  They are lightweight, have three pockets (one on each side and one breast) and come in a multitude of colours and sizes to fit most peoples tastes.  Just remember think bight and colourful when you are trying to decide on what to wear for hippy for fancy dress.  People are expecting you to stick to what they believe a hippy should be like – look bright and colourful so don’t shy away from the bright colours. We do also have some toned down colours for those of you who are not quite ready fro bright and bold.  Made from 100% Cotton.

Thai Short Sleeve Tops

These Fantastic cotton Thai hippy tops have been around for a long time and come in so many different colours.  They are essentially a short shirt version of the kaftan. They are made in one size and are made to be worn baggy so don’t worry if it feels a little big as it is meant to be nice , airy and comfy.  Choose nice light bright colours to really make a statement.  The orange one really stands out.  Made from 100% Cotton.

Tie Dye Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Tops

You just can’t go wrong with Tie dye hippy clothing.  Tie dye is the quintessential hippy clothing choice.  Its bright, colourful, unique and fits right in with the whole hippy look.  We stock a wide variety of tie dye T-Shirts both long and shot sleeve.  If you’re going to make a statement then doing it with tie dye is a sure way.  Tie dye clothing started to really make a hit in the 1960’s when people started to funk up old and used clothing to give it colour and a bit of style.  Of course all our tie dye hippy clothes are all new and hand dyed in Thailand.

Rayon Elephant Thai Shirts

I think when people think of male hippy fancy dress they certainly look toward the brighter side of things but if you think the other clothes are just a bit too much then these might be a nice place to settle. These Thai elephant hippy style surfer shirts are a great addition to your hippy clothing fancy dress outfit.  I will say this is more along the lines of a surfer hippy but we wanted to make sure we showed you a wide range of the options available for you. These light weight and airy shirts come in four sizes and about five colours.  If you are looking for the surfer hippy look then these could be perfect for you.

Smarten up your hippy fancy dress outfit

We have some lovely Nepalese cotton printed pattern waistcoats that would look great over a tie dye shirt or one of our striped cotton shirts.  These unique colourful printed pattern waistcoats Hippy Clothing Fancy Dress Ideascome in about 7 colours and 3 sizes.  With a handy inside pocket and to side pockets these waistcoats provide a great look coupled with great storage space for your hip flask or bottle opener. In addition to these waistcoats we also have striped patterned, Green Man and Pentragams waistcoats.

Cotton Long Kaftans

If you really want to make a statement then our long cotton Thai kaftans are perfect for you.  I live in these fantastic long flowing kaftans (yes I am a man and yes, they look great).  Theses cotton kaftans come in a variety of both male and female colours so it’s really up to you what colour you look at.  The most popular for fancy dress is the bright over the top colours like the explosive oranges and yellows.  These can be worn over flared jeans or without trousers.  I’d probably recommend going with the trousers though unless you are really quite brave and it’s warm out. Remember guys this is a long item, I’m 6ft 2in and they come to just under my knees.  These kaftans have two side pockets so you’ll have a place for your phone and wallet.

Cotton Poncho

Our thick weave cotton ponchos are a great addition to your hippy fancy dress kit especially if you are planning to spend some time outside during the party.  I know that when I go to parties most of the time is spent outside.  These thick cotton Nepalese ponchos will complement your hippy look and keep you warm at the same time.  Each cotton poncho comes with a hood and a front kangaroo pocket.  These hippy style ponchos are sold in one size that pretty much fit anyone, we also offer many different colours to choose from.


So I think we have your top half covered but now we need to move onto the trousers.  Again we offer a selection of trousers that are great for dressing like a hippy. You can mix and match our trousers with the tops we have mentioned.

Hippy Clothing Fancy Dress IdeasStriped Nepalese Trousers
So these Nepalese hippy trousers are one of our best sellers.  They come in loads of different colours and sizes.  They are made from the same cotton material as our striped shirts mentioned above.  The waist band is elasticated and we provide an approximation of the waist sizes, we also show the length of these trousers using both the inside leg and the outside full length of the trousers.  We suggest you use the outside measurement to work out the length you will need as this is measured from the waistband all the way to the bottom of the leg.  Again we sell many fun and funky colours to make your hippy fancy dress outfit stand out.

Plain or Tie Dye Baggy Trousers
These won’t work for everyone as they only come in one length and waist size although the waist band is elasticated so it will fit a wide range of waist sizes.  We introduced there funky baggy trousers to our collection last year and the tie dye ones have been a massive hit with both men and women alike.  We were then asked about doing these in a plain black so we obliged and they are now very popular.

Flared Jeans
We do not currently stock flared jeans although we are trying to get some sourced.  If the above trousers do not meet your requirements then I would try and hunt down a pair as they would really make a great looking outfit.


It really depends on how far you want to take this look to whether you adopt any of the below ideas, unfortunately we do not stock either of these suggestions but thought they were worth a mention for you as you could probably pick up both from a charity shop quite cheaply.

Sun Glasses
We do not stock this item.
If you can get hold of a pair of round John Lennon sun glasses in a nice fun colour they would help you along the way to looking like that stereotypical hippy you often see drawn as a cartoon or in the films.  You can normally pick up a pair of these from your local fancy dress shop for about £3.

We do not stock this item.
So I think you all know where I’m going to go with this one.  Yep Jesus creepers or sandals. A nice pair of brown material or leather sandals would work great.  Please remember that wearing socks with sandals is not acceptable.  It really doesn’t look great so steer well clear.

Female Hippy Fancy Dress

We have a massive collection of female hippy clothing perfect for an authentic hippy fancy dress party.


Our collection of hippy style tops is quite extensive but we will just show you a small collect of the things we think go best for a fancy dress.

Tie Dye Vest Tops
The tie dye vest top is a great, its colourful and looks great with trousers or skirts. Our tie dye hippy vest tops are all handmade in Thailand, we currently sell two sizes.  Hippy Clothing Fancy Dress Ideas

Tie Dye Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Tops
I know that we have just stolen this option from the men’s section but I don’t think it should be missed in the female fancy dress ideas section as these great looking tie dye tops are great for both men and women.
Tie dye is bright, colourful, unique and fits right in with the whole hippy look.  We stock a wide variety of tie dye T-Shirts and long sleeve shirts.

Other hippy vest top and blouses
We offer a nice collection of other hippy styled vest tops and blouses that would look great with jeans or the skirts we have mentioned below.  These tops range in style and include out crochet long blouses which comes in four bright and summery colours.  We also have a pointed pixie blouse that has some lovely lace work and pointed pixie hem.  Don’t forget about our unique embroidery vest tops, these vest tops are handmade in Nepal and each one is embroidered with interesting colourful patterns.

Skirts and Trousers

No female hippy fancy dress outfit would be complete without a lovely flowing skirt or a funky pair of trousers.

Hippy Clothing Fancy Dress IdeasCotton Throw Wrap Skirts
We sell a wide range of cotton throw wrap skirts that are handmade in either Nepal or India.  These lovely bright and colourful skirts can be worn over thick tights during the winter months or on their own during the warm summer months.  There really isn’t much that wouldn’t go with this fantastic long flowing skirts.  Thankfully we have many colours to suit your needs.

Keep it simple with Cotton Patchwork Skirts
Hippy clothing and patchwork items go together like salt and pepper (the condiments not the group).  When people think of hippy clothing they often think of patchwork items because it fits in with the idea of reusing and recycling.  Our patchwork items are no different.  All the patchwork items we sell are made from offcuts, this means that each season new colours and patterns of material are used to produce our patchwork clothes.  As if patchwork hippy clothing wasn’t already unique enough this makes it even more so.

Harem Trousers
Harem trousers are a a wonderfully baggy and fun trouser. These harem trousers also referred to as Ali Baba trousers look great with a tie dye vest top or one of our other fantastic range of hippy inspired vest tops.  We have many different colours and styles to suit any hippy wannabe at a hippy fancy dress party. The great thing about these funky hippy trousers is you’ll just love how they feel and want to keep them on long after the party has ended.

Harem Genie Trousers
These genie hippy trousers have real character and look good with a tie dye vest top or any of our other vest tops and blouses.


So it’s quite easy to add a few nice touches to your hippy fancy dress outfit.  This first think would be the old flowers in your hair.  If you can wear flowers in your hair without sneezing then we think it looks very hippy classic.  If you have a nice hippy hair band that would also go very well to help finish the look off.  Flat shoes like sandals are most recommended but you don’t have to stick to anything we say.

Any Questions

We have just listed a small selection of things that could be worn to a hippy fancy dress party.  All our clothing is fun bright and handmade to provide that unique hippy feel to it.  We work closely with our producer in Nepal, India and Thailand to bring you fun and unique hippy styles clothing for everyday use.  It just so happens that some people also like to use our clothing when the dress up for fancy dress.  We really don’t mind this and think it’s great that people look to us to provide them with great looking hippy clothing.  If you have any questions then please let us know.

Having Fun

Whatever you have decided to wear to your hippy fancy dress party make sure you have fun and enjoy yourself, you’re at a party after all.