Welcome to hippy clothing paradise.  Mystical Mayhem clothing is hippy clothing heaven on earth.  Well we think so but ok, maybe we have gone a little over the top there but we like what we do and so do the many returning customers we have come back to see us.


Hippy Clothing Heaven

Hippy Clothing HeavenMystical Mayhem really wanted to create a hippie clothing store that was the one place people could come to find great looking , funky and affordable hippy clothing.  You could say that we were looking to create a hippy clothing heaven for people.  Its still a work in progress but with new products added weekly we sure are rising to the task at hand.  Our little festival clothing heaven has become one of the fastest growing hippy clothing store online in the UK.  Don’t think we are just sitting around here on clouds playing with harps while farting rainbows, we spend all day and every day living and breathing festival clothing although we do try and take at least some down time over the weekend.Hippy Clothing Heaven

We have so many customers that contact us to tell us how much they love what we do here and how much they love the clothing that we sell and most of these customers just keep on coming back to us. The same names appearing so often alongside the new names and its just wonderful. It makes us very happy to know that the vision that we have for Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing is well under way and going to plan 🙂

We are in constant communication with our suppliers making sure all the new fun and funky hippy clothing we have ordered is coming along just fine so all our wonderful customers can have great new festival clothing all year around.

Our hippy clothing heaven was established in 2010, what started as a tiny ripple turned into a big wave and has now become the hippie clothing store you are browsing through.