Elephant Print Throws

Elephant Print Throws make a fantastic addition to any home as they add a splash of colour and a touch of hippy to any home.

Elephant Print Throws

Elephant Print ThrowsWelcome to Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.  Because we know how popular they are, we stock a wide variety of Indian handmade 100% cotton elephant pattern throws.  This page is just an overview of some of the elephant pattern throws we sell.

It would seem that everyone loves Elephant s these days. We hear stories of so many people going away on holidays specifically so that they can see these magnificent animals. The two species of Elephant that most people know are the Asian Elephant and the African Elephant. The difference between the two? To you and me all we can really see if the difference in the ears – African have the bigger ears which are shaped a little like Africa and the Asian Elephant have smaller ears, shaped a little like India. There are other differences however you would be best looking them up on the web rather than have me babble on about them as you came here to see the throws 🙂
Elephant Print ThrowsWe sell some wonderful elephant pattern Indian throws.  These elephant pattern hippie throws are a great addition to any room in your home.  These elephant throws can be used as bed spreads, wall hangings, throws or even picnic blankets.

As they are made from 100% cotton they are high quality and durable.  These elephant throws are handmade in India.  At the moment we have green, yellow, purple, blue and red elephant style hippy throws in stock. We hope to get some more colours and styles for you soon.

Mystical Mayhem Festival Clothing is always looking at different styles and designs of elephant print hippy throws so our stock is always getting bigger with a greater variety of elephant throws so don’t be shy and come back and see us again soon.

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