Hippy Clothing Ideas

Hippy Clothing Idea for Lazy Summer Days and Nights

We have been told that although some people love hippy clothing, they do struggle with what to wear and how to wear it. So, we thought that as we were bring you some hippy clothing ideas. Hippy Outfits that you can wear anywhere and everywhere. We know hard it can be to choose and put a complete outfit together when there is so much choice.

We are going to try and bring you 2 outfit ideas  a week. One for the ladies and another for the gents.

Our first outfit is for the ladies and is made up of one of our tie dye skirts, a plain vest top (we do not sell plain vest tops although most people have one in their collection somewhere) and one of or Bali knit shrugs.

The beauty of this outfit is that is really can be worn anywhere and for every occasion be it walking around a festival or going out for dinner on a nice summers eve..

The Clothing

The cost for this beautiful outfit is £40.98
SKU: BA486 No.02 – Tie Dye 2 in one Skirt/Dress Purple and Blue £29.99
SKU: BR No.02 – Royal Blue 3/4 Length Sleeve Single Knit Bali Shrug – £10.99

These beautiful tie dye skirts have over stitched pieces of material sewn together to create wonderful looking pieces of hippie clothing. Although funky, the tie dye is very subtle and not too loud. These qualities make it so very versatile that it will go with so many different tops, blouses and even shoes. These skirts are made from 100% Rayon making them very soft and comfortable. The waistband is a wide elastic band which means that these skirts can also be worn as dresses. The elasticated waistband/bust makes for a fitting skirt or dress. See, beautiful and oh so versatile.

Our stunning Bali Knit Shrugs have been handmade in Bali Indonesia, are lightweight and airy and go great with any outfit, day or night. These shrugs have the same great stretchy properties as other single Bali knit items which means that they are great for fitting a variety of sizes. You will see from our picture that we have teamed the shrug with a plain block coloured vest top as we find that this really makes the wonderful colours of the clothing stand out.
These shrugs really are just perfect for every occasion as look great with a dress or jeans and a t-shirt!


 Ladies, what outfit is complete without a bag…. we thought one of these bags would accompany this outfit nicely;Hippy Clothing Ideas for Lazy Summer Days

The costs for these bags are as below
SKU: SB No.14 – Blue Small Cotton Shoulder Bag with Short Strap – £7.99
SKU: S/NP318 – Cotton Nepalese Hippy peace Sign Patchwork Embroidery Shoulder Bag – £14.99

The Blue Small Cotton Shoulder Bag with Short Strap is just great if you are travelling light.  Each bag has 1 inside compartment. The main compartment zips closed and also ties closed for that little bit of extra security. Made from 100% cotton handmade in India.

The Nepalese Hippy Sign Patchwork bag is bright, colourful and very funky. 100% cotton, stonewashed with a ripped look effect on the shoulder strap and on the front  of the bag. Each one of these bags is unique and will go great with many an outfit to add a splash of colour.
This bag has 1 inside pocket that zips closed. The main compartment zips closed and also has a coconut button to help it stay closed.

Please note that all of the items shown here are handmade and most are available in varying different colours and sizes.

We will have some more hippy clothing ideas coming your way very soon. If you have your own hippy clothing ideas that you would like to share then please let us know.