Welcome to Mystical Mayhem Alternative Clothing and to our page for Bares Products – Funky Threads.  Bares is the German branding of the clothing and Funky Threads is the UK bares branding. Bares is one of our suppliers as we offer clothing also produced by other producers as well as ourselves.
Bares Products - Funky Threads

Bares Products – Funky Threads

We stock a wide range of alternative clothing including many of the Fair Trade Bares branded product range.  Bares (Baeres) was established in 1992 by an Indian with a flair for business. Starting in the German Christmas markets, fairs and local markets, the Bares brand  grew as the owner of the business realised the there was a big gap in the hippy clothing and the alternative and ethnic clothing market.  Starting with Gothic and medieval style clothing and then later moving on to the festival clothing ranges that we sell here at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing.

Bares (Baeres) of Germany is now a stable name in the alternative and ethnic clothing market and creates many different clothing designs aimed at the alternative clothing sector.  Bares design their clothing ranges themselves. Some of its best selling product lines are the Bares pixie hooded jackets and Bares grandad shirts that both come out of Nepal.   Our customers speak very highly of the quality and style that Bares brings to the hippie clothing market. This is the reason that we are pleased to stock as much as we do as we know that they are a well loved brand that are made with care and with good quality materials.

Bares (Baeres) is known for its quality and variety but also for fair wages. Although Bares Products – Funky Threads are not a registered Fair Trade company, child labour is neither tolerated by the company nor by us at Mystical Mayhem Hippie Clothing.  The Bares clothing brand is paid for in advance of receiving goods and the producers of the items are visited on a regular basis to ensure that the working conditions are fair and that the workers are happy and being treated well. This is important to us.

So whether you are male or female, the Bares clothing range has a lot to offer in the way of both quality and style.We at Mystical Mayhem Hippy Clothing work very closely with Bares clothing via their English based nephew who supplies us with all the fantastic Bares products that we sell here on our website.

We have many more great looking Bares products on order so don’t be shy and save our web address in your browser favourites and come back soon.